5 Stages Of A Fight

Is Charles Alatorre ready for his 15 minutes of WorldStarHipHop fame? In his latest video, he breaks down the five stages of a fight! Watch out for the dance sequence in Stage 4 and guest star TravieBASED! And remember, don't ever sleep with a badass dude's sister!

These Tiny Hamsters Eating On Their Backs Are Way Adorbs

By Danny Vega

With an annoyingly catchy "Nom-nom-nom" tune, these pet rodents eat food like the adorable mini-bears they are. Yes, I said it: Hamsters are mini-bears. Just look at how much food they put in their face at once (popcorn at 0:26). Can you imagine a hamster being 4 feet tall? It could literally put a whole cat in its mouth at once.

Anyway, these hamsters are not so threatening. They're lying on their backs and eating — in that way we all wish we could but can't because of the shape of the human digestive system. Plus, we would make a big ol' mess. Good luck with the gnawing, you precious fuzzballs. Too cute.

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Condom-grams Are The Next Big Thing

Brothers Alex and Jose are on a mission to make money from candygrams. But when a wrong delivery appears at the bodega, they get creative and deliver condom-grams! As their designs get more crazy, the deliveries increase until another surprise delivery appears at the store.

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Miley Cyrus Could Be Fined For Desecrating The Mexican Flag

By Danny Vega

In mid-September, Miley Cyrus was performing in Monterrey, Mexico, wearing a "prosthetic butt" and rubbing it against a Mexican flag. Girl, get yo' life straight. The Young Turks drop some interesting facts on the situation. For one, Manuel Rueda, Fusion's Mexico City correspondent, said that Mexico's 35-page law regarding proper use of national symbols, "Does not include any clause specific to butt-flogging." Well, no surprises there.

To be fair, butt-flogging was never a problem until Miley Cyrus started wrecking balls.

That said, there is a bit that of the law that covers general disrespect of national symbols, so Miley isn't exactly safe, despite the specificity of her actions. Francisco Trevino, local lawmaker, said, "She or her team could be fined up to the equivalent of around $1,200 or be detained for 36 hours," according to The NY Daily News.

At 3:24, anchor John Ladarola makes the point that "being offended by something and having it be illegal are worlds apart." It's a great point. I don't think Miley should be fined, but someone needs to sit this girl down and tell her to calm down. That should be a law, for sure.

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Russians Climb Second-Highest Building In The World

By Danny Vega

These insane Russians climb the second-highest building in the world, The Shanghai Tower (2,073 feet), and don't stop. As they climb up the building, which is still under construction, it's pretty standard James Bond stuff, but that view when they hit the top, wow (1:48).

How do people do this? I can't take the grate-grabbing at 4:07. And at the end, they're just chillin' up there, you know, on a crane on the second-highest building in the world. NBD. But I find that high-five to be a little disconcerting. All things considered, I guess this was not that scary for them, but, still, just a slight over-extension, and they'd be falling what most would describe as a fair distance. Like I said, these are insane Russians we're talking about here. Wild.

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This Dog Won't Admit He Wants Watermelon

By Danny Vega

Every time his owner looks away, this dog can't help but glance at that SWEET SWEET WATERMELON. Clearly, he wants it very badly. For some reason, the dog will not look at his owner as he eats it, perhaps out of respect, or maybe because he's thinking, Hey, I'm just trying to let my owner enjoy some delicious, hydrating fruit. Who knows?

Bottom line: This dog needs to come to grips with the fact that he really wants some watermelon. And maybe, just maybe, if he asks nicely, his owner will give him some. But first, this dog is gonna have to look him in the face. Dog problems, right?

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Tennis Player's Jumping Skills Need Work

By Danny Vega

If you're not one to appreciate skilled tennis, I understand. But tennis happens to be the one sport I like (I could say "love," but I won't). All I have to do is imagine any other sport to get how you feel. Fast-forward to 0:16 to catch this guy running to catch a brutal drop shot, hitting the ball out, then jumping the net.

It's the jump back to his side of the court that gets him. Yikes!

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'Repeat Stuff' Mocks Pop & Love Songs Hilariously

By Danny Vega

Viral star ("I'm Bo Yo") and respected comedian Bo Burnham just put out this music video of "Repeat Stuff," a track off his last album (full live show here), and, boy, is it hot.

The song parodies just how corporate, manufactured, and pointless mainstream love songs have become, and it is definitely a direct stab at Justin Bieber's "Baby." It's wonderful.

Things start off fairly Weird Al-esque, with lyrics like, "I love your sis; I love your dad; I love your mum. But more than all of that, I love the fact that you are dumb enough. SWAG." This, however, rapidly devolves into basically insinuating that Bieber is the devil. Vue evil demon at 0:48. Scary. Yes, the demon comes back and, yes, it only gets darker.

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This Girl Dancing With A Broom Is Undeniably Enjoyable

By Danny Vega

Young comedian and viral sensation Natasha Ruiz dances with a broom to a "Puerto Rican song," as the YouTube description puts it, and she is having so much fun. The song is actually called “Caballito De Palo,” by Joseph Fonseca. 15-year-old Natasha moves to the song with thrusts, turns and belly movements that are over the top and extremely amusing to watch. She can move in ways that I didn't realize were physically possible. Hilarious.

Don't miss the side worm at 1:27. Girl, what are you doing? I dunno, but I'm too busy laughing to care.

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What NOT To Do In High School

By now, you're either the most popular freshman at your school or just another unnoticed underclassman. If you're the latter, Spacejamgardenz is here to help you step up your popularity game and take you from just being a number to homecoming king or queen. Instead of telling you what to do, he tells you what NOT to do, which is way easier for you to remember. Make sure you follow these six easy steps and, come senior year, you will be voted "most popular" of the class of 2018.