Spaghetti Eating Face-Off: Golden Retriever Vs. German Shepherd

Old golden retriever faces young German shepherd in the spaghetti eating matchup of the century. There's just one problem: They're not even in the same league. Holy cow — someone needs to tell this golden to calm the eff down. Wow.

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Man Shot With Taser 3 Times, Keeps Fighting Cops

This monster of a man is initially being handcuffed by police. He seems a bit stubborn at first but mostly compliant, but then he TURNS INTO A MONSTER. He's tased over and over again. Guess what? It does nothing. He keeps attacking and as the video ends, HE'S STILL GOING.

He's probably running the streets now and for all eternity. What a beast.

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Big Things Lookin' Cray Tiny

This is the ultimate "tilt-shift" video, in which a special lens is used to make large-sized things like helicopters, beaches, bridges and humans look insanely tiny. To put it simply, however, it's "big things lookin' cray tiny." This footage is 100 percent real, with no digital editing. I mean, really, who doesn't love tiny things?

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What Thanksgiving Would Be Like South Of The Border

As delicious as Thanksgiving is, one has to wonder what this traditionally America decadent feast would be like with that Latino flare. We explain how and yes, it would probably be 10x better. I don't think anyone can argue that flan and tres leches are WAY better than pie. Delish.

WARNING: Do not watch this video if it would be bad for you to become very hungry.

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This Toy Will Make A Kid Smile Then Cry

It's a fairy that really flies! This seems like the ultimate toy for a girl and even a guy, because dudes love to watch things fly. Unfortunately, this toy is a little too good at its own job and flies off into infinite. This would be a perfect gift to get a kid you hate. "Merry X-Mas, here's a toy that's secretly one time use only!"

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Ferret Is Cutest Failure Ever

This ferret really thinks he can make it. But then again, maybe not. But then again, maybe. In the end, he goes for it with so much courage and conviction, but almost no momentum. Unfortunately, gravity is the unambiguous winner of this battle, but it looks like the ferret scurries away unscathed. Maybe next time, you adorable mini-weasel.

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5 Stages Of A Hangover

One minute you're having a great time with your friends downing shots and drinking every beer that comes your way. The next minute, you're waking up wondering how you got home, sick as a dog with a pounding headache. Congratulations, you're officially hungover and hating life. Yea, we've all been there, even Nikki and she perfectly breaks down the five stages of the famous hangover. Hold on, it's gonna to be a bumpy ride.

Kimmel Audience Guesses 'Sexiest Man Alive'

People Magazine declared the "Sexiest Man Alive" in their latest issue and in this segment, Kimmel and Guillermo work together with the audience to figure out who it might be. Meantime, the mystery celebrity answers questions via Skype, some as silly as, "Were you ever fat?" or "Are you hairy?" It's a good time with a payoff you won't want to miss, including being mean to a girl from Alabama.

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Girl Does 14 Amazing Impressions Of Celebs Stuck In Traffic

YouTuber Lauren O' Brien kills the doing impressions of celebrities in traffic game. She does Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and more. Gotta love that Miley, even if it makes her voice seem SUPER manly. I like Taylor Swift too much to do anything but get mad about her impression, but since they're all really good, I'm gonna admit that I probably just don't like it because I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT. Her makeup and costuming skills are also worth noting. Sweet.

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11 Of The Best Tweets About Obama's Immigration Speech

Obama gave his speech on immigration reform tonight at 8PM. It was incredibly well-received by supporters of this movement. Here are 11 of the best tweets about Obama's immigration speech that give some humanity, context, and reactions to this important event.