This Guy Is So Happy...He Didn't Hit His Balls

Now that's what we call 'safe and sound!' See the elated Davis Vasky of KinesisFlow smile from ear-to-ear after landing hard on his butt from a high jump, narrowly missing slamming his junk on what looks like a black iron post.

"I didn't hit my balls!" you'll quickly hear Davis yell, relieved. Yikes!

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Girlfriends Describe Boyfriends’ Penises To A Sketch Artist

Ladies, would you be able to describe your man’s penis (in great detail) to a perfect stranger who also happens to be a police sketch artist? That’s exactly what Distractify did with these brave couples.

These women are very familiar with their mens’ genitals. So much so that they know every vein, every mole and exactly how it hangs. Too much? We’re just getting started. Watch as one girlfriend quips, “His pubic hair is wider,” and another lady says that “his left ball is absolutely lower than his right ball.” DAYUM.

But hey, if these couples can survive this “experiment,” they can get through anything!

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24 Hours In Venezuela

In the second installment of our “Hello From” travel series, Flama is taking you to Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela.

Braulio Jatar takes us through what a typical day in Caracas looks like for him—including arepas for breakfast, an early morning boxing class, and a beautiful view of the city from El Avila, a national park in some of the country’s most beautiful mountains.

Later on, our Venezuelan guide meets up with his friends Donaldo and Ramses for some late night photography. As beautiful as it is, Caracas is a dangerous city to explore late at night; on danger scale from 1-10, Donaldo laughs as he rates what they’re doing a 10. Before the night is over, Braulio and friends cap off the night with (you guessed it) arepas.

Rich in culture, unique geography, and friendly people, it’s no wonder Venezuelans thrive in spite of the challenges they face every day. Be sure to check out the rest of Braulio’s adventures on Instagram and let us know where you’d like Flama to take you next!

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Pedro Martinez Becomes The Second Dominican To Be Inducted Into The National Baseball Hall Of Fame

On Sunday, Cooperstown, NY, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, was vibrant with Dominican flags, güiras, tamboras and “Pedro” chants as Pedro Martinez joined Juan Marichal, as the second player from the Dominican Republic to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

“I feel proud to represent the Dominican Republic,” Pedro said during his acceptance speech. “I would like you to see me as a sign of hope…someone that you can really look up to and feel comfortable to say, I am proud of you." Pedro also dedicated his day to all the fathers, as yesterday, July 26, was Father’s Day in the Dominican Republic.

At the conclusion of his speech, Pedro asked Juan Marichal to join him on stage and said, “I would like to invite Mr. Juan Marichal to come forward and give the Dominican Republic a gift they waited for 32 years to get.” Together, they raised the Dominican Republic's flag with pride.

Last week, ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd reinforced the challenges that Pedro, along with other foreign-born Latinos face in pursuit of the American Dream. During his radio show, Colin made offensive remarks towards Dominicans when he said, “Like I’ve never bought into that ‘baseball is too complex.’ Really? A third of the sport is from the Dominican Republic.”

During an interview, Pedro gave the perfect response to Colin’s negative remarks saying, “I’m sorry. He needs to get to my level to answer him. I’m in the Hall of Fame.”

You can watch Pedro's full Hall of Fame acceptance speech here.

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7 Types of A$$holes

"Christopher Columbus. Joseph Stalin. Ariana Grande. ALL ASSHOLES."

Flama producer Joanna Hausmann is a woman of many opinions—particularly if you're an asshole. Joanna uses the "Seven Dwarves" to explain the different types of jerks you're likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis, like the "Happy" asshole: "They may seem upbeat and nice, but they are the spawn of satan. It's like you hid a turd in some chocolate."

You know what they say: assholes are like opinions, everyone's got one—so which asshole is the worst? Weigh in on the comments below.

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Dude Gets An RKO IRL Mid-Piss

Hot dayum! Summertime water pranks are always guaranteed for a good laugh! In this pisser, a dude, who's quietly relieving himself by the side of a lake, gets a sneak attack by a friend, using WWE wrestler Randy Orton's signature finishing move called RKO.

It's a move that's so iconic, it's a popular meme, often used with hilarious results.

Presented in slow-mo, this pal's perfectly executed move, pulls his urinating friend by the head into the water. Looks like they nailed the landing.

So boss.

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J. Lo Graces Us With Her Curves on Her 46th Birthday

If there is any question that Puerto Rican women are the closest thing to the "perfect" human, J. Lo just cast all doubts aside. The reigning queen of Latina pop celebrated her 46th birthday this weekend, debuting a look Saturday night that turned heads in all the right ways. Rocking a partly sheer cutout dress by edgy L.A. based designer Bao Tranchi, she hit the red carpet with confidence and set social media on fuego.

Doug the Pug Recreats 11 Taylor Swift Instagram Photos

No "Bad Blood" here! Looks like it's Doug the Pug's squad-goal to hang with T-Swift, based on this cute AF tribute to the superstar's Instagram account.

Set to a fun, guitar-heavy re-interpretation of "Shake It Off' by Ivo Cabrera, and created by Mashable's "The Watercooler," Doug the Pug crushes it, as he re-creates 11 of Taylor's viral images, effortlessly capturing her fabulosity.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we hope Taylor Swift is over the moon with this pooch's undeniable love fest, and is making space for him in her squad deep crew!

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Weird AF: Woman Solves An Arson Case On Live TV

Brace yourself, because this news clip about a fire in Leavittsburg, Ohio that damaged two homes and two garages will be forever burned into your memory.

Watch as WKBN reporter Derrick Lewis tries to maintain a calm and professional "back to the studio" stance after his interview with local resident/victim Heather Tenney, who reveals that her envious cousin may have caused the fire at 1:50.

"He's mad because he can't get with me. I'm my husband."

Say whaaaat?!

All jokes aside, thankfully no one was injured, and with zero insurance, Heather and her husband, will probably have to pay for damages to their home out of pocket.

Too many nopes to count, y'all.

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What a Girl's Text Actually Means

Yes, ladies can be confusing as all hell but TheMorena702 has your back and breaks down what girls REALLY mean when they send text messages. Hint: Many of our texts have double meanings. Oh and FYI, beware of the one tear emoji!

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