Groom Makes Touching Vows To Daughter At Wedding

This cry-a-minute video of a gorgeous wedding and reception starts with NASCAR driver Brian Scott reciting his vows to his bride Whitney Kay in a resort in Idaho, overlooking snowcapped mountains and a lake.

As Whitney delivers her promise to Brian, we watch as everyone prepares for the ceremony and reception, shaping up to be a very emotional experience.

Then we meet Whitney's pint-sized daughter Brielle ( her adorable nickname is Breezy), standing next to her mom-bride at the ceremony.

Dressed in lovely flower girl attire, it's sweet to see her totally oblivious (as any tot would be) to all the happy tears, as Brian delivers his beautiful eternal vows to her. "I vow to teach you how a man should treat a woman." Bwaaah! It's a beautiful and heartfelt moment with not a dry eye in the house, except for Breezy, of course.

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Megan Batoon Answers All Your Burning Questions

Dancer extraordinaire Megan Batoon answers your flamments aka comments! Megan talks about regrets she's had, explains easy Nutella recipes and even shares hipster jokes.

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Megan Batoon

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'Uptown Funk' Gets An Oldtown Makeover

In this video, Alex Boyé, dresses up like a pimped out grandpa, driving a motorized scooter while performing a cover of the hit single “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars.

Holding him down are a gang of funky senior citizens, also slickly dressed in elegant suits and hats, proving that this catchy song only gets better with age. Along for the ride are a group of older women called The Dancing Grannies, who could put a lot of young people to shame with their restless spirit and ability to do the splits.

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Korean Girls Watching 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Is Magical

This clip starts with a group of Korean girls watching the super sexy Channing Tatum grinding and flexing his muscles. "He's alive," one girl says, while another asks, "Oh, is it “Step Up?" No girl, it's the trailer for the eagerly awaited sequel "Magic Mike XXL," the stripper-saturated sequel to "Magic Mike" due out this summer!

You'll crack up when two of the young girls gasp at the sight of Channing's rear end, as they check out scenes from the first “Magic Mike.” “Oh mymymymy,” and “I kinda wanna go there?” they say. We soon find out that these girls didn't realize they were watching a trailer, and only a couple had heard of Channing Tatum and "Magic Mike." Get ready girls, because “Magic” is coming for ya.

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This Cute Rodent Sleeps A Beautiful, Peaceful Sleep

This footage captures a sweet love muffin of a dormouse in a heavy sleep session, snoring louder than your abuela.

A dormouse is an adorable rodent, cousins to the squirrel, typically found in the UK (with some found in other parts of Europe, as well as Africa, and Asia). BBC Nature explains that they are sensitive to cold, wet weather and "may spend up to three quarters of their life asleep," hibernating much like a bear does in winter.

This hibernating dormouse is so deep in sleep, it'll never know it was ever away from its nest, resting in the palm of a random person. Sweet dreams, little buddy!

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Watch This Owner Teach His Cute Chihuahua Yoga

This cutie-patootie called Panchino, follows direction perfectly, slowly moving his head to the left and right, completely in sync with his owner, Nic Bello.

Nic guides him through yoga moves from child's pose to upward dog. Their sweet relationship is so special, it's well worth a watch. When Nic prompts the Chihuahua to widen his gaze, and his ears perk up in attention, you'll swoon! Bravo, Panchino!

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Why Ice-T Needs To Be The Voice Of 'Dora The Explorer'

We all know Ice-T is an OG, who's done everything from playing Detective Fin Tutuola on the crime drama, “Law & Order: SVU,” to starring in the reality show "Ice Loves Coco." Did you also know that he's provided voice-over for video games like Grand Theft Auto and some of your favorite cartoon characters?

OK, the cartoon characters are a joke but this hilarious "Tonight Show" clip of Ice-T voicing characters from "G.I. Joe," "Scooby-Doo," and "Dora the Explorer" makes us want it to be a real thing. Especially Dora and her real talk to Boots.

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3 Teens Who Made Great History

While teens can't vote until they're 18 and have curfews (thanks mom), they still do some pretty incredible things. Did you know that Mary Shelley was only 17 when she wrote "Frankenstein"? Teens have been making history for centuries and will continue to do so, because they're awesome like that. The proof is in this video.

11 Hilarious Memes On That Goddamn Dress

Buzzfeed created a poll from Caitlin McNeill, who runs the Tumblr page Swiked asking the question: "So let's settle this: what colors are this dress?" Caitlin needed help identifying the color of the dress as some people thought it was white and gold and others saw black and blue. She may have gotten more help than she expected to!

The question caused the biggest Internet debate this year (so far). Is the dress blue and black or white and gold? #TheDress debate had everyone, including brands and celebrities weighing in the dress color. Below are some of our favorite responses on the debate. What colors do you see?

Additional reporting by Rochelle Baez.

The Great American Whistle-Off

Lifeguards Josh and David always seem to be battling each other to see who's the better lifeguard. This time around, these two clowns whistle at work and it turn into an "American Idol"-like competition. Who has the loudest whistle of them all? Wait for it, wait for it.

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