Ed Sheeran Surprising Newlyweds Will Make You Cry Like a Baby

There are so many cool things about this video. First we have Australian radio station KIIS 1065 surprising Matt and Kya Debono with a $60K wedding. Matt contacted the radio station telling them his dream was to surprise Kya with the wedding of her dreams, which had been postponed indefinitely because of Kya’s struggles during the past year, including her mother's suicide.

Not only did KIIS1065 throw them the kind of wedding they deserve, but they also had one more not-so-little surprise up their sleeves that made Matt and Kya’s big day even more special. Oh, just a little serenade by Grammy-winning singer and ultimate crooner Ed Sheeran, who sang “Thinking Out Loud,” AKA the ultimate wedding song as the couple had its first dance as husband and wife.

Matt and Kya had, in fact, chosen Ed Sheeran’s hit song for their first song, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine the artist himself would perform it for their wedding party. Huge kudos to the Sydney Bridal Expo who stepped up and made it all happen. This is surely a day those in attendance won’t soon forget. Got the tissues handy?

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If The Internet Was High School, Facebook And BuzzFeed Would Be Dating

Like high school, the internet is a mad, mad world, filled with a wide variety of personalities from the captain of the football team (Facebook), to the ADHD-hyper class clown (Vine), to the loudmouth, sh*tstarter (Twitter).

This mash-up brings together all of the Internet's heavy hitters, including Netflix, OKCupid, Instagram, Reddit, Wikipedia, and more, imagining them to be students in high school.

Facebook announces Drudge and Huff Po's 3pm after-school fight, as head cheerleader BuzzFeed shouts out that's she's secretly smart just to be popular. Missing in action is Myspace. Maybe he’s in juvie?

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This Man Takes Leaving Facebook A Bit Too Far

Ever spot a long novel-like Facebook status update from a friend or passing acquaintance, describing why they're leaving social media?

It's a type of grandstand that can come off as super annoying, and unnecessary.

This spot-on, clip from College Humor proves that "it’s fine to just leave," because frankly people don't care.

You'll chuckle watching the "man-leaving-Facebook," deliver a Shakespeare-like soliloquy at a party, as he gets royally ignored by people playing ping pong and chatting amongst themselves.

Don't miss the funniest “announcement” at the end that no one still cares to know. Thanks for sharing. You can leave now.

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Pay Your Respects To Alan Kahn, 'The Godfather' of Speed Bagging

For those of you who don't know, a speed bag, is a vital boxing tool for practicing quick punches and sharpening hand-eye coordination and rhythm.

Despite its size and simplicity, it's tough to master the rebounding speed of the bag. You've got to be lighting fast with your punching just to control the velocity.

That's what makes Alan Kahn so badass.

In this clip, author of "The Speed Bag Bible," and one of the subjects in the documentary "The Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story," Kahn schools some loyal followers, demonstrating some incredible punching combinations.

"The Godfather of Speed Bagging" clocks that leather bag, even using his elbows, like it owes him some money.

Glad we're not on the receiving end of those hits.

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Basketball Fans Get Their Brackets Busted By Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is back with another edition of “Lie Witness News - March Madness Edition.” Jimmy’s crew interviews people on Hollywood Blvd., who appear to not know as much about the NCAA tournament as they claim to.

Hate to break it to you people, but Fresno Cosmetology Academy doesn't exist, Just Incredible is not an 8-year-old player at Gonzaga, and no, Kanye never painted giraffes at the Duke/Villanova half-time show.

It's funny to watch people answer some incredibly silly questions so confidentially like they know what's actually happening. Forget about basketball, this is how you put madness, in March Madness!

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Sean Hayes & Husband Lip-Sync The Hell Out Of 'Trouble'
When A Tree Branch Falls On Power Lines, Look Out!

Have you ever witnessed a tree branch falls onto high-voltage power lines? Here's your chance, to hear this fallen branch screaming and screeching like a horror film queen until it bursts into flames.

As Beavis and Butthead would say, "cool." As cool as it may look, branches that fall on power lines is a serious, so be careful. It's a jungle out there.

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This Is How You Motherf-cking Row Row Row Your Boat

The rules to this Polish dragon boat rowing invention appear simple: Two six-person teams, armed with rowing paddles, compete in a canoe, try to pull their opponent backwards in a game of pool tug-o-war.

What ensues is a furiously fast race with the blue team ultimately pushing deep into the red team's territory, eventually winning. The crowd goes crazy!

It's only a matter of time before this water-works tug-of-war competition makes it's way West and into the Olympic games. Genius!

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Just Like Fritz The Dog, Kyle The Human Learns To Catch Food

This deliciously amusing, Fritz, the dog who "catches" food parody features an N.C. State t-shirt and bandana wearing, Kyle, who fails to catch a steak, a taco and a chocolate pie with just his mouth.

Inspired by Fritz, Kyle’s quest to learn how to catch food is presented in a hilariously messy display, with him even going after a hot dog, just like the viral Golden Retriever.

After getting pelted in the face with a wide variety of eats, he successfully catches what looks like a french fry in mid-air at the 2:10. It's super satisfying.

And, Wolfpack fans, listen for a "Go, Pack!" shoutout at the end.

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3 Men In Heels Dance To 'Jealous' & It's So Impressive

Holy heels, Batman! Choreographer Yanis Marshall is slowly but surely taking over the Internet with his super impressive dance moves, in high heels no less.

Check out His Majesty as he gets down to Nick Jonas’ hit track “Jealous” in his latest video. Yaaaaas, Yanis—I am no doubt jealous at the way you move in those heels, boy! This video was taken at a class Yanis was teaching at Movement Lifestyle dance studio in Los Angeles.

The French choreographer shot to Internet fame when his dance video to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” went super viral. That video now has almost 20 million views on YouTube. Now sit back, relax, and watch Yanis and his dance crew throw their heels in the air, like they just don’t care. You won’t be disappointed.

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