Mofongo Reigns In Brooklyn

By Henry Pacheco

If you want some fantastic food with great views of Manhattan, weekends at Smorgasburg is the place to be. For all you non-New Yorkers, Smorgasburg is an outdoor food flea market that takes place at two locations in Brooklyn, every Saturday and Sunday. Specialty foods such as lumpias, ramen burgers and now, mofongo can all be found there.

Mofongo is a popular Puerto Rican dish and it has a dedicated stand called Mofon•GO at Smorgasburg. So I went on a mission to taste it. As I walked through the massive crowds and endless food tents, I was only looking for one thing, the only white flag, flying high with the Mofon•GO logo on it. Once spotted, I made a beeline to the stand and was welcomed by owner Manolo Lopez, who was working the register.

Being a mofongo rookie, I was interested to know how the dish is made, so I watched as one of the workers flattened the plantains into a bowl-like shape. The bowl of smashed plantains was then passed on to another server, who filled the bowl with a hot chicken stew and topped it off with cilantro and pork grinds. It was so damn good. The rich sauce, fresh plantains and crunchy texture of the pork grinds gave this dish the ultimate finish. The best part of the mofongo? It tasted like it was made with a lot of pride and passion.

To perfect the taste, Manolo flew his mom to New York from Puerto Rico for nearly two month to perfect his recipes and it paid off. If you go to Mofon·GO (and you best be going), get there early, as they usually sell out according to their Instagram. Right now, you can only get chicken and vegetable mofongo but they're expanding the menu in the near future with shrimp, ceviche and skirt steak. ¡Buen Provecho!

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YouTuber Reviews Horrible E-Book, 'The Key to Confidence.'

By Danny Vega

Australian YouTuber Lewis Spears, reviews a $30, 35 page e-book that's so excruciatingly bad, it's hilarious. Truly, what's funny here is how much analysis he's put into something that's so blatantly a rip-off. First, he explores the background of its author, another YouTuber, Adrian Van Oyen, who basically makes copycat videos and demeans women. He has a video of himself randomly approaching going up to girls naked. Uh... that's horrible.

As if that's not bad enough, the book is wrought with stolen quotes, poor grammar, and selfies of the author's face. Yikes. This Adrian dude sound like the worst.

The funny part might just be that no one would probably ever hear about this "book," except for Lewis' hilarious video making fun of it. Let's be real, he definitely is mad he wasted $30 on a bunch of garbage but at least he's guaranteeing no one else will buy it.

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This Is One Insane Intersection

By Danny Vega

It starts as some relatively drab footage of an intersection, but things get crazy. The Visual FX masters of Blacksheep Films turn up the volume real quick to absolute traffic madness. This would be close to impossible to pull off in real life, but in the fantasy world of Aftereffects and editing, it's just a real visual treat.

Plus, we've all felt that we could drive this way and save ourselves most of the time, so there's something very therapeutic about watching 3 Volkswagen vans glide flawlessly through a flurry of bikers, pedestrians, and other cars. Sweet.

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World Champion Hot Dog Eater Vs. Tiny Hamster

By Danny Vega

If you don't know who Takeru Kobayashi is, he holds the world record for the most hot dogs ever consumed in 10 minutes at 110 hot dogs. If you don't know what a hamster is, it's a small, puffy mouse-like rodent that people keep as pets.

In this video, the two face off eating hot dogs proportional to their respective sizes. in the end, there can only be one winner, and that is the viewer, because hey, this is the most ridiculous thing ever.

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Guy Races The London Train

By Danny Vega

London's underground train aka "The Tube" gets challenged to a race you won't forget. As soon as the doors of the Circle Line train open to the Blackfriars stop, this dude books it to race the train to its next destination. Fortunately, a GoPro is running the whole time.

He wins, but it's only by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin. Don't miss that key moment where he almost goes the wrong way (1:51) or hits the wall really hard, and misses the train. Amazing.

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YoMuscleBoii Is Failing!

YoMuscleBoii has perfect hair, a perfect bod and...not-so-perfect grades. His report card full of F's causes him to get kicked off the football team by his weird coach (played by David Alvareeezy). What to do? He's going to have to resort to some creative storytelling for his mami and little brother, Mark.

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Skateboarding Through 5,001 Balloons Looks Way Cool

By Danny Vega

You might think skateboarding through balloons is difficult but these skateboarders in Utah make it look effortless. They swiftly tear through 5,001 balloons like it's NBD and to a catchy song, "Free Spirit" by Fictionist.

The visuals are fun and the tricks are rad but if I can say one thing: Who's the dude who insisted on blue balloons only? This could've been a fiesta of colors! We may never know who made the decision to go blue but it's a sweet video, nonetheless.

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Key & Peele's Alien Imposters Is All Too Accurate On Racism

By Danny Vega

Key & Peele encounter aliens who can shapeshift into humans but they're able to figure out the real humans from the imposters based on how racist they are. Hint: the aliens just aren't racist enough.

The action starts with a redneck that invites Key & Peele to join their community of survivors. Peele shoots him up and Key asks how he knew he was an alien. Peele just says, "C'mon, a redneck wants us to move into his community... us?"

And you just gotta love the frantic blonde at 1:25 spouting off everything she knows about black culture to impress the duo, "Please don't hurt me. My best's friend's black....and I love Jay-Z." Naturally, they can tell she's human.

The entire clip is brilliant and packed with socially biting commentary. Key & Peele's next level with this one.

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Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea WERK in "Booty" Music Video

By Alexis Tirado

The ageless Puerto Rican better known as Jennifer Lopez has FINALLY premiered her music video for "Booty." Iggy Azalea's cameo in the video sounds waaaaay better than Pitbull's hooks on the album version of the song. Who can't appreciate a line like "They begging me to drop down on it but right now Iggy on the top/The last time the world seen a booty this good, it was on Jenny from the block."

Not surprisingly, the video featured lots of booty shaking shots of Iggy and J.Lo. They're shaking asses — separately, together and even rubbing their big ol' booties on each other. Is the video more entertaining than Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda." Nope but it's still will go down as one of the best booty music videos in history.

What could we do without? In one scene, La Lopez is dripping wet and randomly pulls out a Eos lip balm to slick on her lips. Product placement at its most awkward. Also, at the end of the video, J.Lo is smoking a cigarette but smoking hasn't been sexy in a minute. And we when know J.Lo ain't smoking cigs IRL or she wouldn't look so damn good! Overall, we give this video 5 out of 5 booties, um, we mean stars.

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Crazy Robbery in Argentina Captured On GoPro

By Danny Vega

Alexander Hennessy was taking a leisurely bike ride through Argentina when an armed gunman attempts to rob him in broad daylight. Insanity.

Unfortunately, Hennessy didn't know that "mochila" meant backpack, and almost got harmed for resisting the robber! Fortunately, Hennessy was sporting everyone's favorite mini-camera and near people who helped stop the robbery.

Of course, everything worked out in the end as he got away scot-free and has a crazy video to show for it. There is a happy ending too — the robber was arrested later that day, according to Hennessy's travel partner, Michael Graziano.

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