No Lie: Some Guy Wore FUBU Sneakers To A Confederate-Flag Rally

Dumb racists are hilarious to laugh at, especially when they wear FUBU to a Confederate-flag rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia. FUBU is the acronym for "For Us By Us,” a Queens, New York based hip-hop fashion brand, founded by four Black entrepreneurs to promote fashion within the African–American community.

Instead of fuming over the ignorance of this particular Confederate-flag-toting individual, let’s take a closer look at what exactly this man was trying to say.

When pressed by reporter George Chidi, on whether he knew he was wearing sneakers created by African–American entrepreneurs, the unidentified Confederate-flag waving supporter immediately got on the defense: “Them shoes that you probably wore was designed by a white man back in the 1920s! I don’t care if a Black man designed my shoes.”

He then goes on to say, “But does that make you stop wearing them shoes because a white man designed them?”

To be honest, this guy is actually starting to make some sense. It shouldn’t matter who designed the shoes you put on your feet, if you like something, then wear it.

Then he puts his FUBU wearing foot in his mouth, this time sounding real ignorant saying, “I hate not you, but I hate what your people are doing to this country!”

“My people?” George defensively questions.

Way to lump up the entire African American community and blame them for the troubles of America. If this racist man could just stay on the first point he originally made, maybe something would click in that brain of his. It doesn’t matter what color you are, we all need to be celebrated equally for the good contributions we make to society.

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When Mom Has A Boyfriend

When Ruben and Miguel spot their mom chatting it up...with a man, they’re afraid she’s on the hunt for a new boyfriend. Unfortunately, they’re not so subtle about bringing up their concerns and she goes off…in Spanish. When Latina mothers switch languages, you know you've crossed a line.

Family happens in all households, but there's one important thing to remember — in a Latino household — there’s nothing flan can’t fix.

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Watch Ted Cruz Fry Bacon With A...Machine Gun

We get that Texas has a reputation to uphold when it comes to food, given that they’ve fried every single edible thing imaginable, but presidential candidate Ted Cruz has managed to take it to the next level: Machine Gun Bacon.

Clearly catering to the right wing gun enthusiasts of America, Cruz’s display of lean, mean, bacon-gunning machine says something about the current U.S. Republican Senator—"I’m a lunatic."

Not the best thing to convey when you're trying to run for president of the United States of America.

In the video from the Independent Journal Review, Cruz walks onto the gun range with a machine gun waiting in his stall. Someone in a t-shirt (Cruz is wearing a button-down shirt) wraps a piece of bacon around the barrel of a gun and then protects it with a piece of aluminum foil. In seconds, the senator shoots his paper target, with the kickback on clutch. Definitely some scary stuff if you’ve never shot a gun before.

In the end, Cruz eagerly unveils his sizzling bacon off the barrel. He takes a tiny piece, eats it, says “Mmmmm, machine gun bacon" and laughs with a maniacal grin.

America. We’re scared.

Modern Times Call For These Awkward Weed Stock Pics and Video

Is there anything funnier than watching a bunch of people casually smoking pot for stock photos or video? We think not. This Buzzfeed video is proof that it’s a challenge to look cool and casual while smoking marijuana for the camera.

Medicinal marijuana is legal in 23 states and legal for recreational use in Colorado, Washington state and Washington, D.C., so it’s understandable that as the conversation surrounding pot changes, so does the “face” of so-called potheads.

That’s where these silly but accurate stock footage and photos commissioned by the Drug Policy Alliance come in. Think of those male erectile dysfunction or social anxiety medication commercials with people running or riding their bicycles — while smoking bowl at the same time.

We can’t decide what’s funnier — the actual footage and photos, or the narrator’s commentary!

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Dude Spends His Last Days At A Job Working On Basketball Skills

What’s a dude to do after he gets laid off from his job? Forget moping and whining. How about practicing that jump shot in the office’s toy basketball hoop? That sounds like a lot more fun as the countdown begins for the company to shut its doors for good.

Check out Jake’s video that’s quickly going viral, with over 250,000 views so far and counting. You see him playing basketball in a mostly vacant office as a jam from the epic ’90’s kids movie "Space Jam" starring Michael Jordan plays, of course! Hey, if it’s only you and the office for the final countdown, why not have a little fun?

Watch this hilarious ultimate slam dunk competition montage with one man competing against himself. All ridiculousness aside, Jake actually has some skills. Did you see that moving office chair dunk? Or how about that moving hoop shot? Still, we have to say. Stick to your day job, Jake. Oh, wait…

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The Highest Pitched Scream Ever Made By A Man

Dayum! You will bust a gut as you watch this gold-chained, smartphone-wielding dude get the scare of his life, unearthing a blood-curdling scream that could rival any character from the upcoming show "Scream Queens," when a prankster puts what looks like a wooden toy snake on his shoulder. Who else thinks he should be Michael Jackson for Halloween now? Hee-hee!

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A Chihuahua Chasing Bubbles In Slow Motion Is Like Everything You've Ever Dreamed About

Watch as this tiny pouncer named Audrey the Chihuahua tries to chase after and pop bubbles.

The slow-motion clicker also catches the spunky pup getting a soapy spray up her nostrils as a bubble detonates on her sweet face.

Too cute!

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Here's Why A Latina Mother Yelled At A Racist White Woman At IHOP

This clip is blood-boiling and bewildering all at the same time. On July 31 at an IHOP in Los Angeles, a woman was caught on camera insulting a mother for speaking Spanish, telling her and her son to "learn English, or get out of America" and to “go back to Spain.”

The video was captured by Carlos Steven Vasquez, the son, and you'll hear him defending his disrespected mother. The un-Golden Girl hurls a fear-laced-list of bizarre non-sequiturs that have nothing to do with being bilingual or speaking Spanish, from “You want the Russians over here telling you what to do?" to "We don’t want the Nazis back.”

Her verbal spewage will leave you wondering if she's suffering from dementia or a chronic pancake coma that's rendered her dumb and racist.

Carlos manages to let the woman know that his bilingual mom works hard cleaning offices and that she has no business telling them what to do, closing with "That's why I'm voting 'no' for Trump."

“I was lost every time she mentioned Castro, nazis, and idk what else she said," Carlos wrote on Facebook.

Us too, man. Us too.

Flama Fridays: Our Favorite Photos of the Week

Hey! So, like, maybe you cracked your iPhone or slept in or have been living under rock... but for whatever reason, if you missed some of our favorite posts this week don't worry, we got your back.

Here's a rundown of the best memes from this week at Flama:

Jose Canseco Will Dress As A Woman To Support Caitlyn Jenner

The love and support Caitlyn Jenner has been receiving has been pretty awesome, and a clear sign that times are changing...for the better. BUT we’re going to be honest here, the latest athlete to jump on the Caitlyn Jenner bandwagon got us like…hmmmm.

Jose Conseco, the former Oakland A's baseball superstar notorious for his steroid use and outlandish public behavior, is currently in talks to dress up as a woman for one week in support of Jenner’s transition. The whole ordeal, of course, will be documented for his upcoming Internet show, “Spend A Day With Jose.”

Okay, we’re talking about a guy who’s s been rumored to be the inspiration for Kenny Powers. Yes, THAT Kenny Powers from “East Bound & Down,” and we don’t see him being at all sensitive to LGBTQ issues.