"Shut Up and Dance" will make you do just that. Duh.

Walk The Man had a minor hit in 2012 with "Anna Sun" and they're back with a bigger and better jam, "Shut Up and Dance." The 80's inspired song and music video is about meeting a fearless girl on the dance floor who gives no f*cks when it comes to getting what she wants.

Impressed by her bold behavior, singer Nicholas Petricca declares that she's his destiny. It's the song you want to hear when you randomly end up get dancing with a cute stranger on the dance floor or house party. It's one you want to hear when he or she leans in for that first kiss which leads to a senseless make out session!

This song is so good it needs to have it's own Wikipeida entry. So listen and dance the hell out of 2014 — we only have a few weeks left of it.

Dancing Diva Gets Quite The Shock

This guy is dancing on a tree swinging a broom, singing and getting his vogue on. He then extends his broom handle to some seemingly harmless wire and gets electrocuted. "Ayeee!" he yells, and it is wonderful. We can laugh at him because he's OK, don't worry.

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Luis Suarez Is Now A Walking Zombie

A convincing Luis Suarez look-alike haunts London in this well-executed prank. Suarez hides behind corners and jumps out, making people scream, but he doesn't even have to hide to instill fear in the hearts of Englishman. At 0:27, he just has his head down, pops it up, and makes a zombie sound at a girl — she's terrified!

Don't miss the scare at 1:23, where the victim drops their phone. Suarez is quick to apologize because he's a nice zombie.

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Sugar Skull Tutorial

It's Dia de los Muertos! The two-day affair honors our loved ones who have passed. Time to bring out the marigolds (the official flower of the holiday) and put on your best sugar skull look. TheMorena702 shows us how to be super festive in this quick and simple makeup tutorial!

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Beats By Baby

This baby's goo-goo-ga-ga-ing is par for the course, but when beat boxing dad covers baby's mouth rhythmically, the results are borderline Skrillex.

Quick, someone let this guy make a mixtape with his baby before mom finds out he's using his child as an instrument!

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Best. Sign. Spinner. Alive.

We've all seen guys holding signs on street corners with the energy of someone who just woke up from a nap, but this guy takes sign spinning to a whole new level. He throws the sign around like it's an extension of his body. He hits the floor and juggles it with his feet. At 0:44, he throws the sign into the air, and catches it between his legs.

It's like Cirque du Soleil but instead of acrobats, it's cardboard with information on it.

This dude is an inspiration to anyone with a job that could be considered lame because he makes his awesome; he even gets an applause break (0:37)! Kid's killin' it.

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No One Knows What This Cat Is Staring At

Whatever this cat has his eyes on, it's way more important than his owners. He stares with supreme focus at some distant point, and refuses to break eye contact with it. That said, this savvy feline does blink EXACTLY as his owner swipes their hand in front of his line of sight, as if to say, "Well, I was gonna miss what I was looking at for that moment anyway."

What has captivated you so, cat with orange eyes? We may never know. All we know is that this cat is not looking at anything else till Thanksgiving.

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10 Hours Of Walking In LA As A Drag Queen

The Internet can't stop talking about street harassment, but if there's something unique about this video, it's that pretty much everyone seems comfortable yelling at a drag queen. There's "Damn!," "What's up?" and "SEXY!" galore, but even a woman is heard yelling out, "I like what I see," at 0:45.

Some people are just downright mean, with one bro saying, "You scared me," at 0:38. Monster.

It all seems pretty lighthearted, but it is interesting to see people take someone dressing up as a license to be openly loud, mean, and/or opinionated. If this video says anything, it's that maybe people just need to respect other's space, no matter how they're dressed.

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Groom Drops The Love Of His Life

The "Oh sh*t!" at (0:06) perfectly sums up this video. It's the happiest day of Chad and Julia's life. Chad carries her, running gleefully, and falls flat on the ground. Julia seems fine after the fall — phew! And hopefully, the couple is still living happily ever after.

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Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos Around The World

Did you know that Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), celebrated in Mexico and other places, has another name? November 2 is also known All Souls Day and is observed, mostly by Catholics, all over the world.

It's a time when loved ones are remembered and, in Mexican tradition, departed ancestors visit among the living. Altars are built in their honor with hundreds of marigolds (the official flower of the holiday) staked up, side by side or smashed on the floor to make a clear path for ancestors to follow. Below are stunning photos that represent Dia de los Muertos around the world.