Whoa! Failed Car Stunt Nearly Goes Very Wrong, Fast!

By Wendy Carrillo

Nothing says "Great Movie!" (aka Great Bro Flick) like a big blockbuster with car chases, explosions and a sheer adrenaline rush.

But, for the crew filming this movie, that reality came a little too close for comfort when a failed car stunt nearly wiped out the crew on hand. Luckily no one was hurt. But YIKES! Stuff like this does NOT happen in "Bridget Jones's Diary." Just saying.

How To Be A College Student, 31 Steps

By Wendy Carrillo

College can be challenging. There's a whole lot of parties and greek life pledging to do. Oh, and classes and homework and stuff. It's all about finding balance. With the 31 steps addressed in this video, you too can make the transition from a mediocre high school student to an awesome college bad ass. From deciding on majors, friends, being broke, less broke or more broke, these are all things one must consider that will set the tone for college and therefore the rest of your life. No pressure.

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Remember How Snail Mail Worked?

By Wendy Carrillo

Remember life before the digital age? The Holderness Family does! These YouTube famous parents are totally winning at parenting by singing about the trials and tribulations of snail mail to their offspring. All to the tune of Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

"It's gross!" exclaims the daughter when she licks a stamp.
So gross.
"It gross," responds the dad, "but at the time it was our technique!"


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"Diet Racism," A Soda For Slightly Racist People

By Danny Vega

"If there's a black entertainment network, shouldn't there be a white entertainment network?" starts this sketch by CollegeHumor. The answer, of course, is, have you seen television? Every channel is a white entertainment network! This sketch makes fun of people who say blatantly racist things, but don't "directly contribute to oppression." It addresses those who are "afraid of blacks and Latinos, but would never say that out loud," and the best part by far is what sports team considers this their official beverage (1:08). Perfecto.

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Little Boy Rants At Mom For Having Another Baby

By Danny Vega

This little boy, Tré, is mad at mama for having another baby, and it is hilarious. He actually says, "This is exasperating!" and then accuses his mom of trying to replace him. Mom tries to reassure him that no one is being replaced, but he is seriously worked up. He says, "This makes no sense!" Mom tries to get him on board, asking Amaya, his little sister, if she's happy to have another sibling. Amaya plays it neutral, and the little boy then does my favorite thing ever: just points at his mom and says, "What kind of baby is that?"

Tré then rants on about how a baby boy's crying is worse than a baby girl's, based on some anecdotal evidence, and asks his mom to buy him earplugs (1:35). Classic.

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10 Reasons To Celebrate William Levy Today

You may know him from "Dancing with the Stars," "La Tempestad" or from one of his many shirtless magazine-cover pics. Mr. William Levy is an all-around Latino superstar, and today, on his birthday we offer 10 reasons he should be celebrated. Feliz cumpleaños, Mr. Levy! 34 never looked so good.

How To Workout At Home

Why go to a state-of-the-art gym or outside to enjoy the beautiful weather when you can work out in the comfort of your own home? It's not as easy as it looks though. Shopping for that cute outfit no one will see, constant water breaks and taking post work out selfies are all part of the successful home workout regime inspired by Nikki. This at home routine is guaranteed to do wonders, just look at how good Nikki looks eating that cupcake after her workout.

9 Most Random Venues For A Bar

Drinking is always more fun when you drink in a weird space. Not weird like a bodega, but weird like a bodega that's also a bar. We decided to ditch the traditional dive bars and searched high and low for those unique, strange and downright random places that also happen to be bars. You may need a drink after reading this list.

This SnapChat Story Takes A Turn For The Worse

By Danny Vega

People jump into a crowd, everyone chants "USA," Journey plays — it seems like this girl had one hell of a night partying. Then, OUT OF NOWHERE, things take a turn for the worse. I won't spoil it, but let's just say at 0:54, this night isn't concluding at Jack in the Box. Someone makes the point regarding what's happened, "It's really not funny," and the girl shooting the video says, "That sh*t is real." Yes, yes, it's very real. What a welcome week these kids had. Maybe next time leave out the arson? Just my opinion.

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S.O.S. This Chunky Prairie Dog

By Danny Vega

A couple taking a desert drive discovered one of nature's rarest animals: a prairie dog so fat, it was stuck in a burrow, its natural habitat. Fast-forward to 1:19 to see this bloated desert rat being carefully taken out of its home. The engorged rodent doesn't even take a second to show his gratitude and immediately runs off into the desert.

Let's face it: He's probably running somewhere to get food. Someone tell this critter to lay off the sour cream and nopales.

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