14 Good Things In The World

The news tends to make people feel like the world is getting worse. Yes, there are problems for humanity but not all is wrong in the world. From a dancing traffic light to a unique elephant, these 14 clips prove that life is pretty awesome.

Scariest Latino Legends

If you're Latino, you've heard about at least one of these five myths as a kid. These five scary Latino mythical creatures have haunted us into our adult years, and their legends continue to get passed down from generation to generation. We don't make this stuff up. So who's reigns supreme as the scariest and most popular legend of all time? You gotta watch and see.

Types Of Big Guys

Ness Boog is an expert at being a big guy — that's why he knows the trials and tribulations of big dudes everywhere. Ness shares his expertise on big guys who are fashion victims and gym rats and those who think they can play sports. The world would not be the same without these types of big guys, and Ness reminds us of that. Just remember: Fat guys need love, too.

How To Win Over Your Ex

Do you want a second chance with your ex? Juan Bago to the rescue! In a new comedy series "Ask Bago," our main guy gives heartbroken Edwin a Bago makeover! Warning: It includes hiring a stripper and reading the Kama Sutra.

Jimmy Kimmel Drives An Uber And It's Amazing

Who in their right mind doesn't love Jimmy Kimmel? No one. Jimmy expresses his fascination with the taxi service Uber and decides to hit the streets. He picks up a passenger named Eric and learns that he just finished his job making porcelain teeth and is headed back to his native country of Gabon, Africa.

What ensues is Jimmy buying mad souvenirs for Eric's family and, in short, the Uber ride of a lifetime. It's a bromance for the ages, and there's only one Matt Damon dis (4:39), which is the exactly correct amount. Hilarious.

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Wife Makes Fun Of Husband's Junk On National TV

Steve Harvey reads the "Family Feud" question, "We asked 100 American woman, if you could change one part of your husband's body, what would it be?"

This woman hesitates for approximately 0.00 seconds and hits the buzzer to say, "His penis." She then says, "His penis," again, as if everyone didn't just hear that. She tries to play it off and say, "I come from a weird place."

Uhhh. I dunno, is there a place where people just throw their spouses under the bus like it's nothing?

And you gotta love her saying, "You were thinking it," to Steve. He's like, "I was thinking what? I wasn't thinking a damn thing." Classic.

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This Cat Is A True Gangster

This cat doesn't give a sh*t what anyone says. His owner gives him very specific instructions and he immediately disobeys. Fortunately, the exactly correct song starts playing, contextualizing this cat as a true thug OG feline.

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Girl Becomes Emotional After Winning Prize On Claw Machine

The claw machine is that game you always want to play, but you always lose. Well, this girl finally wins and has a beautiful breakdown. She sits almost in the fetal position and just says, "For some reason, I just kind of had this like feeling that this was going to be the time and it's never happened and like I knew ... oh my God."

I'm not going to make fun of her because anyone who beats the claw machine is a hero in my eyes. You go girl.

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How To Tune A Dog

Need your piano tuned? This dog will suffice. No, he actually won't, but that doesn't make this any less cute.

If you actually did tune a piano with this dog, you'd be lucky to be able to play even one song decently, but then again, your dog would have an easy time singing along, so that's a serious perk!

Hey, maybe if this dog works at it, he can be the next Lorde. And just so we're clear, the joke is that Lorde can't really sing, but that's not a joke so much as it is a fact.

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Weatherman vs. Dog

This weatherman tries his darndest to control a mastiff named Ripple on live TV, but he really struggles. Things get hairy starting at 0:32 when he asks "Are you having fun there?" and then the dog goes crazy!

Ripple tries to yank the weatherman off screen, and try as he might, this proclaimer of meteorology really can't get back to smoothly delivering the weather. Let me just say, in defense of Ripple, all he wants to do is play. And playing is way more fun than the weather. Good dog.

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