This Little Boy Has More Confidence Than Kayne West

This Vine featuring a chubby-face, thin-lipped boy saying, "Holy sh-t, I look f-cking handsome," is a guaranteed giggle inducer. This guaposito’s positive affirmation reminds us of the old "Saturday Night Live" character Stuart Smalley, who famously says, "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!" We like you, guaposito, you handsome little devil!

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Are these two Yelpers being obnoxious?
News Anchor April Simpson Gets Hilarious Diss On Air

Ever make the wrong fashion choice that haunts you for the entire day and possibly your entire life?!

Fox 2 St. Louis anchor April Simpson will never live down the day she wore a black and white striped turtleneck to work. The clip starts off with anchor Tim Ezell, who's wearing a t-shirt with "The Dude" emblazoned on it, taking a jab at Simpson, introducing her as The Hamburglar, the hamburger hoarder from old McDonald's commercials.

DAMN. With a cut so deep, homegirl didn't know what to say when the anchorman read her like a book. "It's your birthday, I'll let it pass," she replies, cutting her eyes at him, and proceeding with the traffic report. What she should've said was "Says the guy with a 'The Dude' t-shirt and Sarah Palin glasses on."

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A Mexican Cowboy Caught The 2 Llamas On The Run

Last Thursday, our days at the office and classroom got a little less boring as we all watched on social media two llamas go on the run. The llamas escaped from an assisted living facility and went loose on the streets of Sun City, Arizona.

The real star of the whole craze besides the fearless llamas? Nicho Martinez, a landscaper and bona fide Mexican cowboy. He drove past the llamas, stopped his car and successfully lassoed both llamas like it was no big deal.

For three hours, no one could catch these llamas including the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. But that all ended when this Mexican cowboy literally saved the day.

"Having grown up on a ranch in Mexico, he knew exactly what to do," said Fox 10 Phoenix reporter Jessica Flores in this video clip. The humble cowboy, who has a wife and four children, said he just knew how to do it. He also showed the reporter his impressive lasso moves.

"So is your American Dream to be a rancher or cowboy?" asked Flores "Yes. Maybe one day," said a hopeful Martinez.

It's rewarding to see Arizona, a state that once had a horrific immigration ban, at the mercy of this great Mexican cowboy. Bravo Nicho!

Friends Don't Let Friends Hold Their Exercise Balls

Posted by George Gülenay, this Vine perfectly captures a butt-busting fail. Before the fall, you see George's "ball holding" friend looking at the camera with a mischievous glint in his eye. What was supposed to be some bounce-off-the-ball action becomes a butt-meets-hard-floor pounding with George's buddy busting up with laughter. Get some ice on that booty, George!

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Kanye West's Life In One Minute

Filmmaker Will Tribble has made brilliant one-minute/one-take short films, using superstars like Miley Cyrus and David Bowie as his subjects. In this video, Tribble breaks down the life of Kayne West, from “The College Dropout” to “Yeezus” and everything in between.

The one-minute continuous take is not only genius in its undertaking, it's fun to watch, complete with Kayne-esque "hahs" and "hehs." Filmed in what looks like an open field, the video follows “Kayne” walking through his life, all done with expert costume changes and huge thunderbolt-like signs to keep pace with all the life changes. Well done, Will! Whatcha gonna do next, heh?

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Why Drunk Squirrels Shouldn't Climb Trees

This squirrel will forever be known for a drunken mishap after eating some fermented pumpkins. In this video, this adorable rodent can't seem to stay upright. The harder it tries to get up a tree trunk, the harder it falls, temporarily making it unable to be its functioning climbing-trees-chasing-tail-self.

After many failed attempts to climb the tree, it finally decides to run around aimlessly in a circle, possibly in an effort to sweat out the alcohol. It's OK, little squirrel, no need to kill the buzz, it'll pass!

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ESPN'S Robert Flores Stirs Up 'Beef' With Iggy Azalea's BF
Guy Pretends To Win An Oscar & Has The Best Night Ever

The guys behind New Media Rockstars teamed up with actor Mark David Christenson to create an Oscar prank in Hollywood. Mark puts on a tux, holds a fake Oscar in his hand and hits the town pretending to be a winner!

Ghostbuster Dad Knocks Out Son

This Vine clip hits the funny jackpot when Viner Nick Santonastasso, dressed as a ghost, tries to scare his dad. Pow! A hit right in the kisser for Nick, who goes down like a bowling pin when his dad accidentally opens a door, hitting him right smack in the face! This dad is a ghostbuster.

Nick Santonastasso was born with no legs, and one arm and has an amazing sense of humor. He's been making popular, comical vines, including "The Walking Dead"-inspired zombie pranks that even got the attention of the AMC hit series' cast and crew. We can't wait to see what other kinds of hilarious vines Nick has yet to create!

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