Republicans Are Not Down With Latinos

Republicans are after the Latino vote but they treat us like mierda. How does that even work? "Rebel Report" host R.J. Aguilar explains in this episode about the G.O.P.

On top of their terrible immigration policies, Republicans have slandered Latinos in media, calling us names like "anchor babies." UGH.

Then R.J. talks about about the snubbing of Univision (the most watched Spanish-language network) from covering "any of the Republican parties' nine presidential primary debates in 2016, which is an even bigger snub than this year's Caucasian Awards, I mean Oscar nominations." Mic drop! Full disclosure: Flama is proudly owned by Univision.

So what can Latinos do all about us this nonsense? One word: VOTE in 2016. Get your voice heard! Check out Voto Latino and Mi Familia Vota for more info on registering to vote.

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How To Make Friends

Are you feeling lonely? Need better people in your life? Qbanguy has tips on how to make friends. From having the right walk to saying the right things, you'll have new friends in no time. Actually, if you listen to Qbnayguy you'll have no new friends.

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This Llama Is Not A Fan Of Tom Brady

Spartacus the llama stands by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman at a press conference and talks mad trash at opposing Super Bowl team QB Tom Brady. "We don't wear furry boots around here," snarls Spartacus. Brady you heard that? Don't pack your Uggs for Arizona.

According to the makers of the ad, Neff Headwear, Spartacus is "so good at trash talk that some call him the 13th man." We can see that. Spartacus is one llama that DGAF.

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'Spare Parts' Is A Must-See Film
Ontario Resident Thinks Llama Is A 'Large Dog'

A resident of Etobicoke in Ontario, Canada apparently nabbed a llama off the street after thinking it was a "large dog." This couldn't be more wrong or hilarious. They wrote, "I think it's a great dane, but I'm not sure ... I brought her home and she really smelled so I gave her a bath." This person is a hero! You'd think they'd figure it out, but apparently it took a Google search for "llama" to realize this was not massive, bizarre-looking canine. Classic.

'Bad Lip Reading' Of The NFL Is Back

"Bad Lip Reading" is back with its first version of 2015 or in their words, "More of what COULD have been said in the NFL." There are too many amazing lines to even begin to quote, but an early favorite, at 0:16, St. Louis Rams' head coach Jeff Fisher saying, "I have flaps" is too much. Peyton Manning saying, "So wait, you're saying if you don't like her, then you'll buy a girl a second-hand handbag?" is perfect. These videos never get old.

Tom Brady wrapping up this video, talking about catching a mouse is almost as funny as him saying he didn’t know anything about deflated balls. Almost.

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'Dump Cakes' Commercial Overdub Is The Funniest

A product called "Dump Cakes" is definitely asking for an overdub when a guy with a ridiculous voice accentuates that the word “dump” should ever be associated with food.

There are too many funny moments here to name, but the opening of the mom telling her kid she doesn't love him pretty much sets the tone for how hilarious this is. Don't miss the part after "Dump Dinners" are introduced when he's like, "That's deep!" Check out more of Jaboody's dubs here.

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Pregnant Wife Cries Over Vegetables

We all know pregnancy can make couples crazy, but did you know it could make someone this emotional over something so unimportant? Kevin Reams writes in the YouTube description, "My wife is 9 months pregnant and didn't like how I was putting the bowls of vegetables in multiple bags."

Throughout the video, she seems to be in a sort of middle ground between laughing and crying; it's hard to tell. One thing's for sure; this makes me happy to be a guy! The good news is that Kevin seems like an awesome and supportive hubby. Hope their baby comes ASAP!

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YoMuscleBoii, DavidAlvareeezy & SUPEReeeGO Battle On The Beach

In the new series "Saving Lives," Josh Leyva and David Alvarez aka DavidAlvareeezy team up to play two college bros who return home over summer break and work as lazy ass lifeguards. They're less concerned with saving lives and more concerned with how their muscles look.

In this episode, Josh and David have a rival on the beach. The one and only SUPEReeeGO! Can they get rid of him or will they have to make room for a new lifeguard in town?

Jimmy Fallon Plays Catchphrase with Jennifer Lopez

Jimmy Fallon and J.Lo face off against Anthony Mackie and Steve Higgins in an unforgettable game of catchphrase. It's a heated battle from start to finish, but in the end, Mackie and Higgins are the clear winners and CLEAR cheaters, but Fallon doesn't call them out.

Yep, that's right, they cheat all over the place by using words in the catchphrase in the clue. First at "ugly duckling," where Higgins says, "Ugly." Then on "tongue-tied" where Anthony says, "I can't talk. My tongue..."

Regardless, there are so many funny moments here, including the end when J.Lo refers to her butt as the “bottom line.” Jimmy almost gets it, but not before the buzzer goes off. It's a great time if you can look past Higgin's and Mackie's shady tactics!

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