How to Give A Gift

"[Giving gifts] is confusing because Christmas is about you and what you want and how people can get you those things," but this guide isn't about that, stresses Nikki Limo. Her guide is a funny explanation of giving stuff to other people because you love and care about them, if you didn't understand what gift giving is all about. Nikki humorously explains how to give a gift, and mostly just demonstrates that she has no idea what she's talking about. Gotta love the gift she finally ends up giving her a friend. Classic Limo.

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10 Tamales To Devour On Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year because of tamales. It’s a Latino tradition to crank out these cornmeal-based wraps of goodness. Below find 10 distinct (yet equally delicious) tamales, each made with a lot of time, love, and tequila. Warning: this list causes hunger.

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Dogs & Cats With Human Hands Eating Xmas Dinner

It's Christmas time. Why not watch cats and dogs with human body parts feed themselves with forks?

In this vid, 13 dogs and cats have convened at this strange meal. These pets have had their heads stuffed through a sweater, while a person's arms stick out through the sleeves. Is it as cute as it is disturbing? Yes. Gotta love how jaded the cat looks in every shot. What's his problem? He's a cat. That's his problem.

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Funniest Guy Ever Goes Off On Ranting Woman

If this guy was on every bus, the world would be a better place.

The video comes in sometime after a woman was talking trash to an NYC bus driver, blaming him for her lateness. This dude is not having it though. He explains to the woman why it's her fault in one of the most quotable diatribes of all time. He's like, "This is New York. Everybody late. Everybody." Truth.

As she keeps throwing a fit, he calls it like he sees it: "You know what it is? You upset because you got a b-llsh-t -ss job and you late to your b-llsh-t -ss job. You can't buy a car cause you got a b-llsh-t -ss job." This guy's a freaking SMH poet/philosopher. Like he understands human psychology, and he knows how to put things perfectly, because that's 100%, exactly what's going.

Seriously, he can say no wrong. He goes, "Don't be mad. Don't f-ck everybody else's day up. Poor lady got a wheelchair. She got on the bus with a wheelchair. That's why the bus is late. You gonna be mad at that?" Boom. How much more clear can you be? He even offers a solution to her problems: "Ask your boss for a raise. You can buy a car, and you won’t have to take the f-cking bus."

Then, after spitting all that gold and calling her the eff out, he just goes "I'ma probably get fired. I'm mad late. I don't even care. I'll get another job. I'm not going to get mad at the bus driver. It's my fault ... it ain't his fault."

How much more likable can one person be?

It's so funny when he jokingly says, "Yo go a little slower, driver. You're going too fast. Slow down a little bit. Getting motion sickness on the bus." I love this guy. This is the best call out ever. This dude needs to be around anytime someone is illegitimately complaining. Gold.

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Flama's Llama Yule Log

Oh the weather outside is frightful but the llama yule log is so delightful! Spend your holiday with Sebastian, he insisted we put this up. Homie is doing all sorts of weird stuff like poorly wrapping presents and um, drinking alone. Enjoy all four hours of it. Season’s greetings!

The True Meaning Of Friendship

At the Taipei Zoo, there's been a grave incident; a tortoise is upside down. Fortunately, this situation, which can lead to death without the help of a friend, is quickly rectified. As the YouTube description says, "Helping others is the origin of happiness." Truth. Also, watching turtles help each other is the origin of happiness. Gotta love the children cheering at the end. Children always cheer at exactly the right things.

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Lies Parents Tell Kids on Christmas

The holidays are a time that's about gathering with family, eating delicious food, and really, a lot of lying. The most common kind of lie: stuff parents say to kids. Whether it's about favoritism, complimenting their child's artwork, or justifying extreme amounts of drinking, parents have to go around the truth constantly. This sketch explores the utterly BS quotes adults drop just to make Xmas run smoothly — or to prevent another viewing of "Frozen" (too true).

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10 Foods You Will See At A Latin Christmas Dinner

The holidays are officially upon us when la familia is whipping out all our favorite foods and fattening us up before the year is over. Case in point: these 10 amazing foods (and drinks) that many of us will be having at Christmas dinner.

Cowritten by Henry Pacheco

Girl Literally Inhales Turkey

This girl breathes turkey like it ain't no thing. In what is definitely one of the Internet's most unnecessary videos, she puts a slice of the popular chicken alternative right on her lips, sucks, and boom, just like that, the turkey is gone. She didn't chew, and hence, that is a literal inhalation.

I don't want to say she's talented, but, technically, this is a skill. It just has no practical application other than apparently embarrassing her failing friend behind her (who coughs immediately).

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