Would You Swap Phones With Your Boo And Go Through Each Other's Histories?

Question of the day: Would you swap cellphones with your significant other and let them go through your history? We’re talking text messages, Web browsing history and perhaps even your contacts? Some brave couples did just that for Elite Daily, and things got a little bit awkward.

Would you be willing to roll the dice?

This “trust exercise” could turn out to be a great bonding exercise for these couples — or it could very well end their relationships.

Hilarious Messages Dudes Have Sent Girls On Dating Sites

Note to dudes: Not every girl wants to know the size of your eggplant right out the gate. Can’t you talk about yourself without getting all nasty or weird ASAP? Check out some of the most hilarious—and unfortunately true—messages women have received via online dating sites like Match.com, Tinder and OkCupid in this video by Glamour Magazine.

Watch these ladies do a dramatic reading of some of the most cringe-worthy, albeit hilarious, messages that we hope you never have to read. And fellas, do not try these messages at home.

You Will 'Lose Yourself' After Watching This Sign Language Version Of The Eminem Anthem

Increíble! You will "Lose Yourself" after watching YouTuber Shelby Mitchusson signing out the lyrics to Eminem's empowering anthem.

In the posting, Shelby adds that the video is meant "for ASL Interpreting purposes only." However in the comments, she reveals that she has "a deep love for interpreting music and would love to share more" soon.

Yes, please do, Shelby!

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Hold A Shark By The Face, What Could Go Wrong?

What this video goes to show is that if sharks were meant to be held by humans like fluffy dogs, we'd all own one.

As we all know, Mother Nature doesn’t work that way and we should NEVER take a shark out of water and hold it loosely, no matter its size. If you do decide to be a "shark whisperer," you may end up getting shredded like a packet of blended Monterrey Jack cheese, just like this guy did.

Looks like sharkey got the last bite.

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'Game Of Thrones' Cast Singing Along To 'I'm So Excited' Is On Fleek

Skillfully stitched together by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" originally, this very funny mash-up links scenes from 'Game of Thrones' set to the tune of The Pointer Sisters' 1982 classic, "I'm So Excited."

An instant crowd pleaser, you'll laugh at how the actors deliver each song lyric perfectly in between all the gory violence and beheadings.

It's too fun not to watch over and over again. "I'm so excited" for you to check this out!

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This Kitty Is Happy And It Knows It

Check out this cat, named Chaninho meowing to a duet of a Portuguese version of the children's classic 'If You're Happy and You Know It.' Chaninho nails the right musical "meow" with perfect timing.

After watching this video, which was posted by Helena Torres, we wanted to hear what they Internet was saying, and found these hilarious and slightly bizarre Reddit comments. One user in particular, seems to think this kitty is not singing along, just meowing.

It’s still cute as hell to watch.

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Hey, Bro, How Much For One Night With Your Girlfriend?

Fellas, what’s the price tag on letting your boo go off with another dude for one night? Would you even consider it? That’s exactly what Joey Salads did for his latest “social experiment.” And we’re not talking going to dinner and a movie and calling it a night. Joey is very clear that “sexual favors” are included.

Watch as the prankster approaches a couple and pulls off a legit indecent proposal. Joey offers the boyfriend $1,000 then ups the ante to $11,000 for one night with his girlfriend. After a brief argument between the couple and a little haggling with Joey, they decide on one hour. Wait. What?

Never in the video does Joey come clean about this whole thing being a prank, or a so-called social experiment, which leads us to question the validity of this whole cash for sexual favors exchange. Joey invites you to subscribe to his YouTube channel to see the aftermath. Dun-dun-dun dun!

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The Pizza Box Of The Future

Watching this video by GreenBox will make you want to whisper "the fuuuuuuture" over and over, and then it will make you just want to eat pizza.

The GreenBox pizza box is made from 100% recycled material, and allows you to conveniently serve and store pizza slices. The top breaks down into four convenient serving plates, and the bottom folds in half to serve as a storage container that easily fits into your refrigerator.

It's so simple, you'll wonder why we continue to waste so many plates and disposable food containers.

Click here to find out where you can find a GreenBox near you.

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Guess That Booty Challenge

Thanks to All Def Digital for trying to solve booty stereotypes between Black and White girl booties. In this edition of "Is It True," Teddy Ray and DoBoy Belcher are put to the ultimate test by fearlessly feeling up on booties to guess if they are touching a White or Black girl butt while blindfolded.

It’s a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Teddy Ray bombs with more wrong guesses than DoBoy, who should probably immediately look into getting a Doctorate in booty sciences, for having such a tight grasp of the game. Ya feel me?

Don't miss the ending, when DoBoy gets a surprise booty feel up and delivers the moral of the story: If you're blind, you'll just touch whatever, right, Teddy Ray?

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Guy Tricks GF With An Ultimate FaceTime Cheating Prank

YouTubers Jesse and Jeana of Prank Vs. Prank have an interesting way of adding spice to their relationship — they constantly play practical jokes on each other.

In this prank, Jesse cranks it up 100 percent with a killer FaceTime cheating prank that stuns Jeana after he avoids her calls overnight while partying it up in New York City.

But don't worry: Jeana immediately serves up some serious payback of her own, in this extra footage clip, because after all pranking is the gift that keeps on giving.

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