Carlos Vives Goes H.A.M.

Que bonito se le ve, Carlos Vives! No seriously, this random footage of Carlos Vives dancing at Premios Juventud is funny. At 52, the Grammy-winning singer still got moves!

Lucy Movie Parody

In the film "Lucy," the namesake character (played by Scarlett Johansson) has more than the "normal" 10% of her brain's capacity which transforms her into a superhuman. If Lucy can do it why can't we? Qbanguy may have found the key to unlocking 100% of his brain's power or....he may just have a sugar rush. Either way its "Al Cien!"

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2 and 3 Legged Dogs With Wheels Chase a Stick

By Danny Vega

This video, out of Germany, shows two and three-legged dogs with wheel carts strapped on -- enabling them to run like they would with four legs.

Personally, the dog at 0:55 who decides to stop chasing the stick and smell some stuff is my spirit animal. No need to run the rat race, best to just enjoy the moment.

It's a lot of yipping, yelping, and wheel-spinning fun. Que cute.

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Are You Human?

By Danny Vega

Ze Frank (one of the first people ever to vlog) asks a series of humorous questions, in "a test to see if you are human." He starts with lighthearted questions like, "Have you ever eaten a booger, long past your childhood?"

"Have you ever seemed to lose your airplane ticket 1,000 times as you walked from the check in to the gate?"

"Have you ever stared at your phone, smiling like an idiot, while texting with someone?"

But Ze isn't afraid to go to some dark places too. It's funny and sad, at times, just like being a person. Hope everyone passes the test.

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Video thumbnail credit: Sari Gabbay

Whale Picks Up Kayak in Argentina

By Danny Vega

An Argentinian couple hit the seas and run into some whales. This would be cool enough but then the whales decide to hang out. Gotta love the almost musical "Look! Look! Look! Look!" at 0:42.

And I love the "We're on top of a whale" at 0:50. Not sure how many people in the world can actually say that. Things really heat up though as this whale decides to bring the kayak out of the water at 1:11. Insane!

OK, the only weird part is when the camera goes underwater at 1:20 and it sounds like an actual demon breath?!

Who wants to go kayaking in Argentina? Bring me. I'll bring the burritos.

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Why American State Names Are Stupid in 8 Seconds

By Danny Vega

This hilarious video is about two states' names but there's plenty of other examples that prove it. Like "They were too close to the door to close it." So how do you pronounce "close"?!

Brain Regan hilariously says: "One ox, two oxen. One goose, two geese...So one moose, two moosen? Two meese? Two meese in the woodsen?"

English, how you gonna play us like that? That's just the 'murica we live in, guys.

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This Kid is a Real OG

By Danny Vega

This is 21 seconds of pure perfection. It's got a kid trying to act hard. It's got "Nuthin' But a G Thang." It's got everything you need for life.

Someone get this kid a web series ASAP.

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A Cooler That's Next Level Amazing

By Danny Vega

Coolers are something no one ever gets excited about ever. Why? Because who cares? It keeps your drinks cold. Boring. Believe it or not, Ryan Grepper not only made coolers cool, he made them next level cool. So cool, he called it "The Coolest."

Features include: built-in blender, beach-ready wheels, built-in bottle opener, Bluetooth speaker, LED lid light, cutting board and the list goes on.

I'm out of breath. The Coolest even looks good, boasting that 50's retro look. Ryan set out to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter and ended up raising nearly $7 million! It's the third most funded campaign EVER on Kickstarter. So what are you waiting for? Get that Cooler now for $185 before it sells out in stores for the retail price of $299!

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Left Unattended: Fashion and Music Have Gone Bonkers!

In this episode of "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy talks about ridiculous fashion violations. From Justin Bieber's annoying drop crotch pants to Kanye putting man skits on the map, D-Stroy wonders if we're emphasizing fashion too much and music too little.

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Arsenal Soccer Team Tries to Do New York Accents

By Danny Vega

London soccer pros Arsenal are set to face New York's Red Bulls this Saturday, July 26 in Arsenal's first U.S. match since 1989. To prepare for the big game, team members Carl Jenkinson, Serge Gnabry, Kieran Gibbs and Mathieu Flamini try their best at some stereotypical New York sayings.

"Are you... talking to me?" just doesn't sound mean with that British undertone. At all.

Fortunately, the players are very self-aware and says "We don't do accents. We do football." Phew.

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