What Thanksgiving Would Be Like South Of The Border

As delicious as Thanksgiving is, one has to wonder what this traditionally America decadent feast would be like with that Latino flare. We explain how and yes, it would probably be 10x better. I don't think anyone can argue that flan and tres leches are WAY better than pie. Delish.

WARNING: Do not watch this video if it would be bad for you to become very hungry.

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This Toy Will Make A Kid Smile Then Cry

It's a fairy that really flies! This seems like the ultimate toy for a girl and even a guy, because dudes love to watch things fly. Unfortunately, this toy is a little too good at its own job and flies off into infinite. This would be a perfect gift to get a kid you hate. "Merry X-Mas, here's a toy that's secretly one time use only!"

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Ferret Is Cutest Failure Ever

This ferret really thinks he can make it. But then again, maybe not. But then again, maybe. In the end, he goes for it with so much courage and conviction, but almost no momentum. Unfortunately, gravity is the unambiguous winner of this battle, but it looks like the ferret scurries away unscathed. Maybe next time, you adorable mini-weasel.

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5 Stages Of A Hangover

One minute you're having a great time with your friends downing shots and drinking every beer that comes your way. The next minute, you're waking up wondering how you got home, sick as a dog with a pounding headache. Congratulations, you're officially hungover and hating life. Yea, we've all been there, even Nikki and she perfectly breaks down the five stages of the famous hangover. Hold on, it's gonna to be a bumpy ride.

Kimmel Audience Guesses 'Sexiest Man Alive'

People Magazine declared the "Sexiest Man Alive" in their latest issue and in this segment, Kimmel and Guillermo work together with the audience to figure out who it might be. Meantime, the mystery celebrity answers questions via Skype, some as silly as, "Were you ever fat?" or "Are you hairy?" It's a good time with a payoff you won't want to miss, including being mean to a girl from Alabama.

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Girl Does 14 Amazing Impressions Of Celebs Stuck In Traffic

YouTuber Lauren O' Brien kills the doing impressions of celebrities in traffic game. She does Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and more. Gotta love that Miley, even if it makes her voice seem SUPER manly. I like Taylor Swift too much to do anything but get mad about her impression, but since they're all really good, I'm gonna admit that I probably just don't like it because I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT. Her makeup and costuming skills are also worth noting. Sweet.

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11 Of The Best Tweets About Obama's Immigration Speech

Obama gave his speech on immigration reform tonight at 8PM. It was incredibly well-received by supporters of this movement. Here are 11 of the best tweets about Obama's immigration speech that give some humanity, context, and reactions to this important event.

7 Key Facts About Tonight's Obama Speech On Immigration

Tonight, President Obama announced ways he will use his executive power to fix our broken immigration system. We've broken it down to seven key facts. Here's what you need to know. Also see: "11 Of The Best Tweets About Obama's Immigration Speech."

Latin Grammys Quinceañera! TBT Of Album Of The Year Winners

The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards are upon us and this year, it's the awards show's quinceañera! For the past 15 years, the Latin Grammys have presented the music world with the best of Latin music in various categories, ranging from Best New Artist to Best Norteño Album. It's an impressive and very long list of well deserving artists — but also almost impossible to name them all!

Because it's the Latin Grammys' Sweet 15, we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and check out the Album of the Year category AND the amazing CD cover art from these albums. Remember when people actually bought CDs?

Calle 13 and Juan Luis Guerra have each won twice, while Juanes and Alejandro Sanz have won three times each! That leaves very little room for anyone else! How many of the below albums do you have?

J Balvin Takes On The Big Apple

The big time! J Balvin steps on stage at New York's legendary Madison Square Garden to open for Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. NYC holds a special place in Balvin’s heart. “It was the first city that played my music in the United States,” he says. He knows that with hard work one day he’ll sell out MSG on his own, but for now he’ll take being nominated for three Latin Grammys.

"Taking on America," has been an incredible journey. As J Balvin and his team tour New York City and get in a game of paintball, they take a moment to reflect on the journey and the promising road ahead.

Tune into the Latin Grammys tonight on Univision to see if J Balvin takes home an award. Check local listings for showtimes.

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