The Shady Business of Celebrity Couples

“A celebrity wedding is a gold mine for divorce lawyers,” explains “Left Unattended” host D-Stroy. In this episode, he gives real talk about famous people and their disposable relationships.

From J.Lo and her many failed marriages to the rumors around Bey and Jay no longer being crazy in love, D-Stroy has some funny tidbits about them.

Even with the odds again them, which celebrities do you think have wedding bells in their future? Weigh in below!

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This Guy Dancing At Sam's Club Will Make Your Day

By Danny Vega

This guy is having so much fun dancing at his place of employment and it is wonderful. There is an underlying phenomenon here, however, that cannot be ignored: NO ONE IS STOPPING TO LOOK AT HIM. Therefore, we can only conclude that this is just a daily occurrence at this Sam's Club.

Later in the video, you can hear people clapping with the beat, so perhaps he has a following from some of the locals. If you can't get enough of this song, and let's face it, you're going to crave it, it's called El Serrucho, and I'm going to venture to say that it's exactly what would produce if he was Hispanic. Perfecto.

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This Kid Is Boss, Literally

By Danny Vega

While voiceover comedy is trending on YouTube lately with videos like "2 Bros Lip Sync Conversation Of 60-Year-Old Sisters," these youngens voicing a job interview is particularly hilarious.

Not only are the kid’s quotes beyond priceless with gems like: "Hey, how you learn about computers?" and "I'm really good at pushing buttons," the acting is pitch perfect throughout.

Don't miss the surprise ending where this man learns "easy come, easy go" the hard way. Who knows what's next for this genre? I'd love to see beautiful 20-year-old Latinas lip-syncing to Alaskan fisherman. Just me?

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5 Stages of YouTube Fame

You wanna be YouTube famous? Nikki Limo shows you the five stages of YouTube fame. From stage one, the noob-tuber stage to the highly feared burn out stage. Her best words of wisdom? "You slowly find out that you even though you were an A-List celebrity for a second on YouTube, to the rest of the world, it's like you didn't even exist." Ouch.

This Guy Swings On Bars Like No Other

By Danny Vega

A swinger isn't someone who can swing on bars with extreme strength, agility, and grace, but if it was, this guy would be the best swinger in the world. His name is Alexander Bayturin and he puts the "bliss" in "blister." OK, that is a lame pun, but it is pretty spot on to what happens in this video. Gotta love the humor on top of an amazing physical performance here.

I'd love to show Alex some of my acrobatic skills, most of them involve hitting the "snooze" button.

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This Dog Pushing A Kid In A Plastic Car Is Visual Poetry

By Danny Vega

If there was ever any doubt about whether or not dog is man's best friend, let this video settle the score once and for all. This brown German shepherd smiles away as he pushes a baby in that one plastic baby car we all had as niños. Perfecto.

But you guys know the classic plastic car, right? The one papa would push you in for a bit, but then he'd retire to the sofa for Coronas and to watch "The Game." I think we all wish we had a big dog to push us around in it. Maybe that's just why I find this so enjoyable, anyway.

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Peppa Pig Has Ratchet Taste In Music

By Danny Vega

"Peppa Pig" is a British TV show for preschoolers that has received success in the United States, too. But there's another side to lil' Peppa. She really seems to enjoy "Hard in Da Paint" by Waka Flocka. Hilarious.

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Waiting In Line For The iPhone Isn't What It Used To Be

By Danny Vega

This short documentary from filmmaker Casey Neistat exposes the phenomenon of people waiting in line for the iPhone 6. They aren't folks who are just excited to buy the latest Apple product. While I have to say that I think people who NEED, NEED, NEED to have the newest phone are a particular kind of insane, this takes all of the magic away.

The majority of the people waiting for days in these lines are just going to resell the phones to dealers, desperate buyers (aka the people in the "NEED, NEED, NEED" camp), and the black market in China.

In China, "delayed by governmental red tape, the iPhone 6 is selling for as much as 10 times the U.S. price," reports the Washington Post. "$1,430 gets you the cheapest base model (seven times the U.S. price of $199 with a carrier contract). The iPhone 6 Plus was even costlier — at more than $2,400 (versus $299 at U.S. stores)."

It's an interesting exposé of this phenomenon. Do you think the video is a poor reflection of the iPhone-obsessed world we live in, not the people who are waiting in line? Or do you think these professional line-waiters should be be punished for selling iPhones illegally?

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High School Football Player Gives A Legendary Post-Game Interview

By Danny Vega

Apollos Hester, wide receiver for the East View Patriots, a football team in Georgetown, Texas, breaks down his strategy, and he clearly has the oratory ability of a future presidential candidate. He explains with more energy than most people have ever had, "At first we started slow, we started real slow, and you know that's all right, because sometimes in life, you're gonna start slow ... but we're always gonna finish fast. ... THAT'S ALL IT TAKES to be successful, is an attitude."

Really, it's less about what he says and more about how he says it that makes me want to get up and do my life's equivalent of winning a football game, which is like cleaning the fridge or walking to get a burrito instead of having one delivered. Amazing words, Apollos.

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Should The 2022 World Cup Be Held In Qatar?

Welp, this Monday became less boring when it was reported that Qatar would no longer be hosting the 2022 World Cup. The country is adamant that they'll be hosting the world's biggest soccer tournament but FIFA officials are not feeling it.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said in May that agreeing to Qatar hosting the World Cup was a fail. "Yes, it was a mistake, of course, but one makes lots of mistakes in life," he said.

"I personally think that in the end, the 2022 World Cup will not take place in Qatar," said FIFA Executive Committee member Theo Zwanziger. "Medics say that they cannot accept responsibility with a World Cup taking place under these conditions," he further explained.

He went on to express his concerns for the fans traveling around the world to visit a country with intense heat. The World Cup takes place during the European off-season in June and July. During these months, temperatures in Qatar go as high as 120°F and only as low as 86°F. Holy sweaty balls.

Because of the intense heat, Qatar is proposing hosting a winter World Cup in January and February or November and December 2022. This would interrupt regular soccer seasons in Europe and around the world. The European Professional Football Leagues group said that "all scenarios on the rescheduling of the World Cup in Qatar are damaging the domestic competitions and leagues' business interests." Yup, they're not having it either.

One thing that Qatar has on its side — lots of money. Officials are reportedly spending $200 billion on hosting the Cup. According to USA Today, "$140 billion will be spent on transportation infrastructure, with plans for a new airport and metro system. $20 billion will go to tourism infrastructure. Six new stadiums are planned, while two existing stadiums will be upgraded." Those upgrades include high-tech cooling techniques, but what will fans do when they walk out of the stadiums?

In the words of the great Notorious B.I.G., "Mo Money, Mo Problems."

What do you think? Should the 2022 World Cup be held in Qatar or not? Weigh in in the comments.

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