The Beanbag That Farts On Co-Workers

This gut-buster begins with office workers pouncing on a giant neon green beanbag for fun.

The best part comes at 0:38, when one cardigan-wearing male decides to up the leapfrog ante by wrangling a woman to kneel down in front of the big green sack. When the guy lands on the beanbag, it splits open, emptying itself all over his female co-worker. Boom!

Hope they have a good vacuum!

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This Dad Thinks His Armenian BBQ Is Da Bomb

The comedy in this clip is simply Yervand's thick Armenian accent voice-over combined with the visual of all the delicious-looking sizzling meats.

Yervand, an Armenian from Melbourne, Australia, has an important message for you: If you haven't sampled any of his roasts, then you haven't had real barbecue.

"[This] is not your barbecue with the sausage--it's all oily thing you eating." Boom! He just dissed whatever barbecue you've ever eaten, bro!

As YouTuber Casual Dress Day, describes along with post: "Yervand wants to tank da verld for support Armenian bbq." No, thank you, Yervand, now we're hungry for some BBQ!

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11 Of Selena's Most Iconic Looks

Selena Quintanilla had a look like no other. She was adventurous and pushed the envelope when it came to fashion. Known for her bright red lips, big hair and original rhinestone bustiers, her style still stands the test of time. Below are 11 iconic looks that are siempre Selena.

Additional reporting by Rochelle Baez.

This High Flyin' Squirrel Doesn't Give A F*ck About Birds

In this super fast clicker, a squirrel, appearing to be hungry, leaps off a fence and pounces on a bird feeder, clearing off a couple of birds, like a thug claiming new territory.

To accompany his triumphant jump, is The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize," cuz this slickster is sicker than your average.

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How Slick Are You At Unhooking Bras, Brah?

Ladies, how quickly a dude can unhook your bra is a clear sign of how much he's been around, if you know what I mean. Cosmopolitan put a handful of guys to the test to see how quickly - if at all - they could unhook various types of bras. Ooh la la!

Watch as they try and take everything off, from a front-clasping racer back bra, to a full-on corset, to which one guy says, "In this scenario I usually just leave it on." Cat sound.

One thing is certain, watching men try to undress a mannequin has never been so much fun.

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Double Parkers Beware, This Prankster Is Out To Get You

Don't you just hate it when someone double-parks, thereby taking up two spots in a parking lot!

Maybe someone turned into the space too wide, or they just don't want anyone near their precious wheels? Either way, it's annoying as hell and the humorous Jason Roberts of Simple Misfits isn't going to take it anymore.

Jason sprays lines of fake spray paint on offenders' cars, leaves a "Dear Asshole," letter, and then runs off to see their reactions from a distance.

"I'm going to get an ass-kicking for this," he says as he quickly hops in and out of a pick-up truck, lining it with some punishment paint.

It's hilarious. Of course, he doesn't get caught. He just gets assaulted with a ton of f-bombs from afar.

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BatDad's Vines Prove That He's America's Funniest Dad

You can always count on BatDad to hit you with the one-two comedy punch. POW! BANG! Check out BatDad’s latest hilarious Vine compilation as he teases his kids and annoys his wife under his now infamous alter ego.

BatDad rose to viral video fame with his early Vine compilations. The dark patriarch crusader’s real name is Blake Wilson, and he lives in Georgia with his wife and four kids. Watch him knock out 6-second jokes like it ain’t no thang. From teasing his daughter that she’s “too old for toys, too young for boys” to asking his son if he’s ready to pick up chicks with his fresh new haircut. Hilarity ensues.

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Aziz Ansari Breaks Down Why You're A Flake

Hey, commitment-phobes! Yeah, you on the other end reading this (and equally the person writing this post), why is it so hard to make plans with people? You know why. It's because we want to leave our schedules open for something better, right?

Funnyman Aziz Ansari wants us to stop being such a flaky-flake with our friends in this side-splitting clip from his full-length "Aziz Ansari Live At Madison Square Garden" on Netflix .

Commit to watching Aziz break us down, "the least lonely generation," always connected via a smartphone but disconnected in the wide wireless world.

As you crack up at his observations, you might just say, "damn, preach!"

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Baby Girl Treats Daddy's Ear Like A Chew Toy

This sweet clip of a beautiful baby girl chewing on her daddy's ear while he tries to sleep is the cutest thing you will see all day.

It's so adorable watching her gnawing on his ear like it's a juicy piece of beef jerky, as what sounds like her mother coos in the background.

Eat this up now!

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11 Rarely Seen Photos Of Selena

It's been 20 years since we lost Latina icon Selena Quintanilla. Her music is still being played on the radio, there could be a Selena-inspired makeup line soon, and we live by her song lyrics. Whether you're a big Selena fan or only know a few songs, below are 11 rarely seen photos of her that reflect her short yet wildly accomplished life.

Additional reporting by Rochelle Baez.