Jay Pharoah Reads Tweets About Pumpkin Spice Lattes

By Danny Vega

“SNL's” Jay Pharoah reads tweets about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and it's grand. It's funny to start, but it's hard not to lose it when he berates a white girl for saying, "Being a white girl. #PSL." He's goes, "That's like me saying 'Walking down the street #blackguy.' Everybody does it!"

He picks apart bunches of tweets, but don't miss the end (2:56) where it becomes just how obvious it is that he's doing this whole thing right off the cuff. Charming.

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Why Eating Insects Make Sense

By Danny Vega

This video from The Economist describes the benefits of the world eating "less meat and more insects." The long and short of it is this: Insects are nutritious, cheap and eco-friendly. Over 2 billion people already eat insects, including Mexicans, who eat "chili toasted grasshoppers," and as this video explains it, maybe our future diets will include more creepy-crawlies. There definitely seems to be huge benefits, especially considering that almost one-fifth of greenhouse gases are created by livestock production — more than are created by transportation! Yikes. Better start working on a recipe for cricket nachos ASAP.

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Australian Lady Vs. Attacking Birds

By Danny Vega

A bit of background: Australia has these birds that are called magpies, and these demons with wings attack cyclists during their mating season. They're vicious. It's such a huge problem that articles have been written about preventing magpie attacks by using a properly adorned helmet!

Therefore, Amber, an Australian radio host, decides to engage the magpies with the opposite kind of headwear, a helmet that makes magpies viciously attack her, mainly the one that has eyes on it (1:03). Naturally, "O Fortuna" plays as she is violently attacked, and it's the best.

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This Raccoon And Dog Are BFFs

By Danny Vega

This dog and raccoon play like they're the same species instead of the usual "mortal enemies," and it's way cute. They wrestle on the porch, and let's face it: This is pretty much why human beings were put on this earth, to align animal species that otherwise wouldn't be chill. As my aunt would say, "¡Que precioso!"

Don't miss the quote at 0:50. Classic dad/grandpa saying right there.

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Worst Music Video. Ever.

By Danny Vega

There's a fine art to making something truly awful, and this video may be the pinnacle of that art. The lyrics include lots of "la la la," followed by a terrible instrumental break and then the worst singing imaginable. Thank you to the "singer," Gnesa, for this piece of work, called "Wilder."

Naturally, ratings are disabled on YouTube, and comments are clearly being controlled to a select few that don't seem too sincere, like, "I thought this level of perfection doesn't exist. Thanks for posting this harmonic piece of art!" Hmmm, seems a bit sarcastic. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

In any case, please don't watch this entire video for your own safety and sanity. It will, at the very least, cause you to throw your phone into a wall.

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This Boat Executes A Perfect Front Flip

By Danny Vega

This lifeboat is a borderline submarine. It nosedives into the sea, pops out and then does a flawless front flip, landing right-side up. Needless to say, these boats would have been a real game-changer on the Titanic, but I'm just about ready to purchase one of these for home use. It would be lots of fun in the pool, and it also seems like a nice, quiet place to relax if you throw it in your spare bedroom. Just me? OK, but you gotta admit, that flip was pretty sweet. If you want to see a view of what it looks like inside one of these things, check out this video.

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Middle School Team Pulls Off 'Ugly Kardashian' Trick Play

By Danny Vega

This New Jersey middle school football play is so dirty you might just have to watch it twice. Basically, the scoring team doesn't hustle forward, so when the quarterback starts to advance onto the other team's side, he just strolls right past the defensive line.

The coach says the name "Ugly Kardashian" made the team laugh every time he said it, so he stuck with it. He also says the name was inspired by "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" from the movie "Little Giants." This play should make ESPN’s top plays of the week. Brilliant.

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Kids Go To Apple Store, Bend iPhone 6 Plus

By Danny Vega

Two U.K. youths hit the Apple Store and take the iPhone 6+'s bending problem into their own hands, literally. These guys run around the store and destroy the new phones like it's their job. See 1:39 for the first iPhone 6 Plus that eats it. They basically repeat this process, but find that they can't bend the iPhone 6 so easily (2:17).

While no news has surfaced indicating that they've been busted, at least they had the wisdom to take the original video down. Still copies are all over the web, so it's really only a matter of time before they or their parents have to foot the bill. There does appear to be a video online, however, of one of them apologizing, which seems more like a dangerous admission of guilt than anything! Which is a good thing — hey, they deserve to be busted.

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7 Videos In 1 That Will Make You Feel Good

By Danny Vega

YouTube Nation takes us on a feel-good journey with a cause: For every 10,000 subscribers to the ASPCA channel, they're going to donate $1,000. Dope. The stories are a combination of sweet, fun, and just plain inspiring. The stories include a young girl donating her hair to cancer patients; the psychology of our love for dogs; problems in the Rwandan education system; Dan Savage discussing the "It Gets Better" project; and dudes who "pay it forward" by buying people's meals at drive-thrus. They end on an OK Go video that's a lot of fun. Very cool! Remember to subscribe to the ASPCA channel.

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73-Year-Old Still Hits The Skate Park Like It Ain't No Thang

By Danny Vega

"I'm Frank Hernandez and I've been skating for 12 years. ... I'm 71-and-a-half years old," starts this incredible video about a man who just won't leave the skate park, and so much for the better. He speaks of skating giving him confidence, and how he has given others inspiration. He says, "When I look at myself, I don't feel old." He seems almost shocked that others find his story so inspiring, but the reality is that he just keeps on going. Frank, who is now 73, is bound to leave you motivated, because if he can pick up a hobby at 59, so can anyone else.

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