How To Open Velcro Silently

"K, I wanna show you a little secret," says this man regarding velcro's loud opening noise. He says a U.S. Ranger taught him a trick that will let you open it without anyone hearing it.

When he gets to his answer (0:42), well, let's just say, he wasn't exactly lying, but he wasn't exactly telling the truth either.

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Mariachi Band Plays Blink 182's 'Dammit'

At El Compadre Mexican Restaurant on Sunset in Echo Park, a mariachi band dusts off a Blink 182 classic. And you know it gets good when those trumpets blare.

Despite being quite a departure from their usual style, you gotta give the band and singer a lot of credit. This is fun to listen to, and when the chorus hits, the energy is so, so right.

"Well I guess this is growing up," and then so much trumpet. A million trumpet. It's a fun take on a song we all grew up with. Kinda makes you ask, "What's my age again?" Hey-o!

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Car vs. Gate

It's hard to understand what exactly is going on in this video, but here's what's clear: this car keeps fighting this gate. The gate on the other hand, stoic warrior as it is, just absorbs each blow. Strangely, this gate seems to pick up the car, then drop it back down.

One would think that if your car was getting picked up by a gate, you would stop repeatedly running into it, but that is not what happens.

This guy keeps running into it, and oh, ouch (0:30). Yep, the gate won.

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People Who Think They're Having Their Picture Taken

Dean Fleischer-Camp, of "Marcel The Snail" fame and husband to Jenny Slate, pretended to take pictures of people when he was really recording video. The results are fascinating. These short clips reveal people holding strange postures, trying to pose for a split second capture of an emotion, but instead revealing just how fake they're being.

Because what's weirder than a person just standing perfectly still, holding a facial expression? Nothing.

With our culture so obsessed with living experiences through our phones and technology, it's no surprise that the message beneath seems to be, "Quit being so fake in photographs." At least, that's what I see in it. What do you think?

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Tiny Doggies Competing In Tiny Events

A Shiba Inu, Lab, Saint Bernard, German shepherd and Bichon Frise adorably "compete" in various dog events, and it's the cutest thing mankind has currently come up with so far. There are little yawns, disoriented looking around, and you gotta love how the Bichon Frise (white dog) just sits at the beginning of the track in the first event, the precious little fuzzball.

Then, for the second event, THE BICHON FRISE DOES IT AGAIN. You lazy, precious fuzzball you! The Shiba pushes him off the course, as if to say, "This is for professional doggies only!"

Finally, the Bichon Frise (clearly now the center of the video) hits the long jump. Wow, he was clearly saving his energy, and absolutely kills it on the leap. What a comeback!

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Timberwolves Show Off New Team, '90210' Style

The Minnesota Timberwolves have changed a lot this season, trading Kevin Love, and "acquiring a lot of young talent," reports Bleacher Report.

As a way to get fans and the public at large excited about the new season, they've created the "Minnesota Timbertrolls," and beyond this delightful "Beverly Hills, 90210" mash-up parody, they've also launched a downright bizarre blog.

Fun stuff, and commendable PR. Go get 'em, Timbertrolls.

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The Simpsons In Different Styles

"I just had a worrisome thought: If there can be two incarnations of the Simpsons, why can't some evil marketing entity produce millions of others?" says Lisa Simpson, tipping off the entrance of so many varieties of "The Simpsons."

It starts with a hideous 3-D Simpsons, complete with a talking Santa's Little Helper, then goes to a Pokemon-inspired family (Maggie is a Pikachu), and quickly hits an "Adventure Time"-style Simpsons, "South Park"-style Simpsons and more. Crazy.

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The Most Dangerous Wave In The World

"Last time I surfed this wave, I thought I was gone. It almost took my life. 'The Right' is the most dangerous wave in the world," says Ryan Hipwood, a man determined to defeat 'The Right.' He's kinda like a bleeding-heart liberal, except way more fun at parties.

The vid shows him and other surfers riding this monstrosity of a wave, which isn’t the biggest wave you've ever seen, but it's not hard to see why it's dangerous. "The Right" is hard, fast, and closes faster than you can say, "Surfing seems kinda easy."

I'd be happy to surf it, as long as no one would make fun of my floaties.

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The Insurance White People Really Need

This promo for "Dear White People" shows a product every white guy could use: racism insurance. Look, we all know that most white people try their best to avoid racism, but it happens anyway. Sometimes, it comes off TOTALLY wrong and you ruin a whole friendship — that is unless, of course you have racism insurance.

"Man, that's what I love about you. It's like you're a black dude, but you don't act black ... like you don't act all thugged out," says this white dude at the beginning of this video, and you know it ain't right. Fortunately, instead of ruining his potential friendship he's able to say, "Oops, I was racist. Black guy, come here," and his insurance friend appears to defend him from looking like a racist.

Hey, that means there's not even a racist deductible. Awesome. Don't miss the final beat where this white guy crosses a line so much, insurance doesn't even cover it (1:42). Gotta love the threats to "intellectually denigrate and scold" him. Classic.

Check out "Dear White People," in theaters now.

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Ultimate Slow-Mo Backflop

What's worse than a massive, stinging back flop? Try recording it at 1,200 frames per second. That's an extremely detailed history of your misery. The Slow-Mo Guys did this, and the results are nothing short of stunning.

And by stunning, I don't mean the feeling you get when water slaps your back like the ultimate chancla, I mean really cool to watch.

Don't miss the bizarre look of one of the guys coming up from underwater (2:49). It looks like he's in a pool of Jell-O. Rad.

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