A Spanish Speaking, Incredible Hulk Growling Hilary Clinton

One can't be too sure what's going on here, but there's so much to love nonetheless. Hilary starts off by addressing the United States in Spanish. Right off the bat, you gotta love the portrait of Bill on her desk, even if that's totally unrealistic (we all know they don't really love each other!).

Hilary then yells "POR QUE?" with the fervor of 4,000 Democrats. Then she switches to “WHY?” and basically growls, eventually turning into a Mini-Me Incredible Hulk. What.

At 1:14, a masked man with an American flag shows up and carries her out as she screams. I don't understand this video. I just know I love it. I recommend no one try to figure it out, lest their heads explode.

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Leaving A Stadium In El Salvador For Women Is The Worst

Pretty much everyone is talking about what it's like to walk through NYC as a woman. Well, rest assured, the whole "dudes creeping on girls" thing isn't exactly a United States' problem. This clip shows a woman walking out of an El Salvador soccer stadium and the harassment is SO BAD, you don't even need sound. You can just see dude after dude after dude checking her out, many of them being physical. Yikes.

One of them just follows her out, touching her the whole time. It's hard to ascertain whether or not this is her boyfriend, but I'm guessing based on the music choice that he's not.

If this week is proof of anything, it's that men need to calm down. Women don't like to be stared or yelled at. Let's quit acting like we're 14, gentleman EVERYWHERE.

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This Dog Really Is Mankind's Best Friend

Bandit, this cattle dog's name, has two different colored eyes. He looks like a coyote, and he has the grace of a ballerina.

Oh, and if you tell him, "I'm parched," he knows exactly what to do.

Now that is mankind's best friend. Sorry cat people, but no kitty can deliver this kind of teamwork. Period.

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This Halloween Light Show Cannot Be Topped

Pitbull's "Fireball” ft. John Ryan bumps as "4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights" blare colors and light perfectly to the beat.

This is one light show papa won't likely be matching. I mean, Halloween lights? Give me a break. We're lucky if our dads get the Christmas lights up before January.

Made by Creative Lighting Displays, the Riverside, CA company say the number one question they’re always asked is, "How much is the electricity bill?" They say since 95% of the lights are LEDs, the cost could be as high as $30 or $40. As if that wasn't enough, they add, "BUT ... the house has solar so probably free!!" Sweet.

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What It's Like To Hunt As A Lion

Kevin Richardson, "The Lion Whisperer," hangs out with his lion girls, Meg and Amy. He straps a GoPro to Meg and you can see a first person view of her and Amy hunting a waterbuck in the wild plains of South Africa. The hunt begins at 1:00, when Meg goes in for the kill.

Despite how wild that is, the real star of this video has to be Kevin, who pretty much chills with lions like they're as dangerous as gerbils. Gotta love the post-kill, kitty-like water drinking at 3:39. Kev gives Meg well-deserved kudos and then says, "Just another boring day in Africa."

Well, for a lion whisperer.

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How To Spot A Bandwagon Fan A Mile Away

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Baseball, basketball, football and soccer are all going on at the same time. It's like we're in sports heaven. Every season, "new" fans, better known as bandwagon fans, emerge to support their "favorite" teams. TheCrazyGorilla has a surefire way to spot these bandwagon fans. You know, the ones who can't name a single person on the team, or who only like a team because of their recent winning streak. Yeah, those fans.

5 Creepy Things About La Llorona

La Llorona translates into English as "The Weeping Woman." She is always in white. Her story has been spread throughout Latin America, and there are a few variations of it. A popular version of the story is that she's a scorned woman who drowns her children after her husband becomes a womanizer. She's kept out of heaven because she doesn't have her kids with her and is stuck on Earth weeping and looking for them.

You might have heard about La Llorona as a child. Parents always warned their kids about going out too late as she would come to get you! But La Llorona has more creepiness about her than what our families told us.

Royals Pitcher Ventura Honors Oscar Taveras At World Series

On Tuesday at Game 6 of the World Series, Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura paid respect to recently deceased St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras. Taveras' death was confirmed on Sunday after he and his girlfriend were in a high-speed car crash in Taveras' native Dominican Republic.

Bleacher Report wrote, "The two players became good friends while playing in the Double-A Texas League. ... After the game, Ventura said his play was dedicated to Taveras."

Sing Along To This Scary Shia LaBeouf Song

"You're walking in the woods. There's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot him."

"Shia LaBeouf"

This incredible production, featuring The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir and The Argus Quartet, is about two things: stunningly good music and the "fact" that Shia LaBeouf is a cannibal. Why? Because.

Don't miss the cutouts of Shia LaBeouf ‘s head at 1:34. And the end at 2:40 is a huge, huge must. Bizarre.

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Walking In NYC As A Woman Is An Endless Barrage Of Catcalls

New Yorker Shoshana B. Roberts walks around NYC for 10 hours in "jeans and a crew-neck T-shirt." You will not believe what men say and do to her. I'm a man and I can't believe it. It's a unending litany of objectification, faux friendliness and downright sociopathy. There's the cliched but still thoroughly obnoxious "Smile!," a smattering of "Hey, baby" and "Hey, beautiful," and just dudes yelling "Damn!" Way to keep it classy, fellas.


The worst part is that as much as this video is a clear indictment of men being the worst, YouTube comments aplenty are saying these guys are just being friendly. Oh, yeah, this is just normal, friendly behavior. Give me a break. I've walked around NYC for two years and no one ever has ever randomly wished me a good day, because no one wants to have sex with me.

This is thorough documentation of men harassing women solely for sexual purposes. She hasn't done anything to express her personality, she's just walking the streets. Yet men are treating her like an object to react to instead of a person. No person deserves that. For anyone seriously saying, "These are compliments!," no, they're not. As one writer put it, "These are not compliments. These are leers that borrow the language of compliments." Spot on. This video was made to support an org dedicated to end street harassment. Donate here.

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