Why You Can't Pull A Prank In The South

By Danny Vega

There's nothing political about this but as soon as you watch it, I'll think you'll agree: pranking people in the south can lead to "interesting" results.

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Video thumbnail credit: Tammy Mercure.

Every Upworthy Video. Ever.

By Danny Vega

Upworthy are wizards of socially progressive, viral videos and most of it is truly inspiring and enlightening stuff. But this hilarious parody is for people who need a break from the feel good BS.

It mocks the Upworthy format by taking its main character Travis through the most RIDICULOUS scenarios. First, he's a blind person who has his sight restored. Then, he meets his brother for the first time after 18 months at war. It only gets more and more crazy in a send-up of those obnoxious "restore your faith in humanity" kind of videos.

Hey, some of us never lost our faith in humanity!

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Homeless Men Arm Wrestle for $100, Then a Shocking Thing Happens

By Danny Vega

The YouTube bros and philanthropists behind Model Pranksters hit New York City and asked two homeless men, who had never met before to arm wrestle each other. They tell the men that the better bicep-brawler stands to win $100. In any competition, there can only be one winner, but In the end, both men walk away winners. This was truly inspiring.

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Chachi Dances To J Balvin's "Tranquila"

Chachi is anything but tranquila as she dances to J Balvin's hit song. And in case you're wondering, "WHO IS J BALVIN?!" He's a major reggaeton star in his home country of Colombia. Watch Chachi as she sways her way around Los Angeles' Arts District with two dancers. Trrrranquila!

A Very Trippy Pug Video

By Danny Vega

Critics are calling it the "Inception of Pug Videos" but is it really the "Paranormal Activity of Puppies?" Who knows? All we see is a hilarious video and an adorably confused pug. Que cute.

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How To Get Over Your Ex

Jess Lizama is back with some therapy (of sorts) for those of you going through -- UGH -- sucky summertime breakups. From blocking your ex on social media to finding new people to stalk, these tips can go a long way and get you back on the road to recovery. And remember: time heals all wounds and so does tequila.

Shawn Mendes Is Clearly The Life Of The Party

By Henry Pacheco

Shawn Mendes, was definitely the life of the party on Sunday night when he asked his 1.48 million followers on Twitter (homie has nearly 3 million followers on Vine) to tweet #ShawnToNumber1 for the release of his first EP, “Life of the Party.” His faithful followers came through. Not only did they use his hashtag to put him at the top of Twitter, his EP reached number one on iTunes in less than 40 minutes. MAJAH. Bonus: Mendes who is from Canada reportedly has some Mexican roots too. To hear more of Mendes, here's his lyric video for "Life Of The Party."

TBT: Remember When Aziz Anzari Coached Zach Galifianakis On Swag?

By Danny Vega

In this #TBT clip from the 2010 Movie Awards, Zach Galifianakis explains that he doesn't want to "end up a loser like Jason Timberlake," so he hired swagger coach, Taavon, played by Aziz Ansari. Aziz makes sure Zach's swagger levels are "very high."
Best line of the skit: "When you have swag, you have certain rules. I only sit on things that are purple. I can only go to like, two movie theaters." It's a must-see for anyone who appreciates the great humor of Zach and Aziz.

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DMX Acts Like DMX On An Amusement Park Ride

Disregard the bizarre radio chatter happening until the :50 mark. DMX recently visited an amusement park, Magical Midway in Orlando, and he's hilariously captured on camera on the Sling Shot ride . According to the Washington Post, the ride "catapultes more than 390 feet above the ground." Clearly he's trippin' before take off and as soon as the sling is released, he goes H.A.M. in a DMX circa 1998 kind of way. All his yells and rants will make you miss him as a rapper. If this video doesn't encourage a comeback album, we might lost hope in humanity (and bungee slings).

IMPORTANT: Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other's Butts?

By Danny Vega

"When a dog smells another dog's butt, it's actually collecting a bunch of information about the other dog: its diet, its gender, its emotional state, and so on." You know, like stalking someone's FB so you can figure out what you have in common with them. Just like that.

The most interesting thing I took away from this video is that doggies have a secondary smelling or olfactory, system that allows them to smell doggie booty without the interference of any doggie poo. If only humans could have that trait too.

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