This Machine Dispenses Dog Food to Recyclers

by Danny Vega

Pugedon is a company that makes special recycling containers and this is one of them. This machine addresses the problem of stray dog hunger by encouraging Turkish people to recycle.

Little did we all know, Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is plagued with a stray dog problem. Some 150,000 stray dogs run the streets. #TurkeyProblems

The problem was SO BAD that in 1910, the Turkish government sent all the dogs to an island and they all starved. Uh, yikes, Turkey.

Anyway, this solution to dog hunger is very reasonable, and definitely seems to raise awareness about this problem. Very cool.

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Fox Attacks GoPro

by Danny Vega

This Round Island, Alaska fox hates GoPros so much, he decided to eat one. According to the YouTube description, a group of filmmakers was recording wildlife with the University of Alaska Anchorage to make a movie for a planetarium. While most of the gang took pics of sea lions, one intrepid man spotted a fox and decided he wanted his footage to be foxy.

He put his GoPro on the ground to nab that sweet, sweet close-up and the fox gave him what he wanted.

Then the fox ate the GoPro and ran away with it. Because foxes shoot Canon.

The maker of the video says he's bummed the fox ate the lens and damaged the camera, but he's just happy that no one got hurt.

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This Man Moves Like a Monkey and It is Beautiful

by Danny Vega

In this Dawn of the Planet of the Apes featurette, Terry Notary moves like an organgutan, gorilla, and chimpanzee.

He says orangutans are economic -- efficient with their movement, that gorillas (0:41) stab the ground, and that there's a "bravado and a posturing." The chimps are much more wirey though (1:06) as he clearly demonstrates.

His vocal impression of a chimp (1:22) is also solid, but not quite world class like his movement.

All in all, it's a stunning demonstrating of ape movement. Makes it really seem like if we had longer arms, we could move just like them, but I'm sure it's not quite that simple.

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Embarrassing Seflies and Crazy Facebook Posts in Miami

D-Stroy hits the streets of Miami to ask some folks about what kind of crazy stuff post they online...and what they regret sharing. Our hilarious host gets some juicy stories from some unsuspecting guests and even tries to pick-up a date while he's at it

This Cat Really Loves His Owner

by Danny Vega

This adorable cat just can't stop lovin'.

He lays atop his owner and just can't stop nuzzlin', love-rubbin', and purring. Meantime, the person shooting the video can barely contain her enthusiasm at this cat's ridiculous displays of affection.

The real moment of "this video is classic" for me, however, is at 1:14, when the kitty looks deep into your soul and makes this face like "life is utterly meaningless." Of course, he is only making this face because this is a moment where he is not lovin', and this cat is CLEARLY born to love.

His face at 1:25 seems to assert clearly "see, this is why we as living animals must love."

Love dat cat.

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"If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say" is Perfect

by Danny Vega

"Is it true that all white people have small, quiet families?"

This video is a flawlessly hilarious breakdown of dumb stuff white people say to latinos. When it's directed at them, it just sounds plain ridiculous, but that's only because we're so used to hearing this stuff from the Latino side, it's not even funny, it's just every day.

So. Much. Gold. From "My nanny was white, so I totally get it. I feel like I'm part white because of my nanny," to "You speak English, can you talk to my accountant for me? I feel like he never understands me. This is my friend. This is my friend."


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Dude Sneaks Camera Into Concerts, Makes Unreal Movie

by Danny Vega

"My name's Marcus, and I love music. So much so, I'm always trying to get closer to it."

Marcus' story begins in a porta-potty in Indio, California. He starts off sneaking into Coachella (which he avoids saying), making fake photo passes, but he hits a big break when Mumford and Sons and some other bands invite him on tour.

The shots are amazing and the music gave me chills. This seems like an amazing story, but we can only hope that the movie, called "No Cameras Allowed," is leaked, because no way is this kid going to get away with video-taping his own crimes in a major release. Ain't no company gonna stand for that! If you're into this sort of thing, check out Escape From Tomorrow, a movie shot entirely illegally at Disney World.

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Insane Dog Passes Out From Sheer Joy

by Danny Vega

This dog is so excited to see a family member, reportedly returning home after 2 years, she sounds like a monkey, and then passes out like a drunk person.

We shouldn't judge this dog though, because 2 years in dog years is 14 years, as the YouTube description says. A sidenote adds, "The schnauzer was taken to the vet, the vet saw the video, and everything is fine."

So there it is, written proof, a dog can't die from the case of "I can't evens."

The vet also said, "You guys should put this on YouTube. Bet you'll get cray views." Not really, but that would be awesome.

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Guy Can Clap 804 Times in One Minute

by Danny Vega

Bryan Bednarek can clap like no other. This video shows his February 1st, 2014 World Record performance of 804 claps in one minute.

Dude's got arms. Not strong arms, he just has those nimble clap-hands. A nice bonus to this ability is that Bryan can actually use a clapper, a light switch activated by clapping, as a strobe light. He's great at parties. That's just a joke, but this is real: Guinness required 2 sound engineers to be in attendance and monitor the attempt, and two timekeepers to time it. Also, a "clap" is defined as "noises made by an individual's two palms meeting." Fun stuff.

My only real question: if someone breaks the clapping world record, do you applaud? Seems kinda rude.

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It's Official: Becky G. and Chachi are Team Taco

In a special episode of "Chachi's Dance to Uforia," Chachi dances to Becky G's fierce song, "Built For This" and Becky makes a special cameo! The two boss ladies took time from the shoot to have a lovefest with each other. They talk about performing, being latina and their love for tacos. They also give props to each other and it's all just so cute and inspiring. "Some of the strongest people are in the tiniest body," explains Chachi. TRUTH.

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