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Comic Books, Superheroes & Rappers

Superheroes and villains rule the world. "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy zaps us with some super-power knowledge on the influence comic books and superheroes have had on entertainment and music.

Did you know that the late rapper Big Pun got his name from the action figure The Punisher? Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle" album cover was influenced by the artsy comic book style. What other influences have comic books and superheroes had on pop culture? You gotta watch and find out.

D-Stroy also shares his favorite comics from his personal collection with us. We now know why he likes Spider-Woman so much. OH MY GOD, BECKY!

Who Is America's Idol?

In this episode of "Left Unattended," D-Stroy breaks down the typical contestant you see auditioning for shows like "American Idol," "America's Got Talent" and "The Voice." Every season, we see the same ghetto person who just wants a glimpse of J.Lo, the nerd who has a killer voice but doesn't have "the look," and the person who has a sad story but can't sing to save their life.

If you're debating on whether or not to audition for any of these shows, remember America only likes voting for cuties who have the entire package, like former "Idol" Season 4 contestant Constantine Maroulis, who stops by the studio to give D-Stroy an update on what he's been up to, including his broadway show "Rock of Ages" and his love for NYC sports teams.

Why Doesn't Skateboarder Manny Santiago Sleep?

"Left Unattended" host D-Stroy takes it to the streets with Puerto Rican skateboarder Manny Santiago. Manny, whose nickname is "Manny Slays All" has won several medals including the coveted gold in the Street League Select Series. He also gives back to the Motherland. Once a year, Manny hosts a Prince of Puerto Rico skateboarding contest in PR.

Manny talks about being a Latino skateboarder, what he learned from 50 Cent about sleep and the power of Adobo. Oh and don't miss the cameo from "skateboarder" Shopping Cart Carlos!

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Twitter Beef Vs. Real Beef

Fifty Cent vs. Floyd Mayweather. Kanye vs. Jimmy Kimmel. Are Twitter beefs for real? "Beefs on Twitter are as dangerous as a fight between Dora the Explorer and Patrick from SpongeBob," explains "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy.

In this episode, he breaks down the ridiculousness of Twitter beefs. And, as one guy said to Destroy in the clip, "You've got your Twitter gangstas, but when you see them on the street, it's a totally different story." Finally, some real talk on Twitter.

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The Shady Business Of Celebrity Couples

“A celebrity wedding is a gold mine for divorce lawyers,” explains “Left Unattended” host D-Stroy. In this episode, he gives real talk about famous people and their disposable relationships.

D-Stroy offers some funny tidbits about celebs and their relationships, including J.Lo and her many failed marriages and the rumors around Bey and Jay no longer being crazy in love, .

Which celebrities do you think will hear wedding bells in their future? Weigh in below!

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Celebrity Nude Selfies

Aside from saving drug dealer's numbers, celebrities also save photos of themselves in their birthday suits! In this episode of "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy explores the scandalous world of celebrities and their flawlessly naked selfies.

From Jennifer Lawrence to football player Brett Favre, all sorts of celebs have had their bits and pieces revealed. And according to D-Stroy, the bigger scandal, the better the celeb's business. Do you agree?

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Why Are Celebs Always Doing Time?

Paris Hilton. Lil Wayne. Martha Stewart. In this episode of "Left Unattended," D-Stroy explains celebs and their frequent appearances at jail. As D-Story wisely says, "They could be in the club shaking it up but they can't shake the law!"

Why do you think these celebs can't avoid trouble? Weigh in below. And remember, there's nothing cool about Lindsay Lohan's mug shots.

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Why Drugs And Hip-Hop Can't Exist Without Each Other

In this episode of "Left Unattended," D-Stroy asks, "Do you think cocaine, weed and Molly would be where they are today if it wasn't for music?" Just in time for school, D-Stroy drops knowledge on drug culture and rappers. Find out which rapper mentioned more drugs in his song than an episode of "Dr. Oz" and why drugs are so common in the industry.

Then D-Stroy hangs with 19-year-old rapper Joey Bada$$ in NYC and gets real with him about drugs and hip-hop. Joey also opens up about his love of reading and what he has a thirst in life for.

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What's Up With Famous Parents And Their Diva Babies?

"Left Unattended" host D-Stroy breaks down celebrities and their spoiled (and sometimes) talented kids. Some of these cool kids are straight up stuntin' way more than their daddies while others can't seem to get a job, at all. From Miley Cyrus to Enrique Iglesias, D-Stroy covers celebrity spawns you love, hate and or had no clue was related to someone famous.

Which celebrity kids are milking their parents fame? And which ones are truly talented? Let us know in the comments below!

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Left Unattended: Celebs Who Went Crazy and Keeping Sane with Becky G

Driveway on fire. Britney's mohawk. Crazy racism. What is it about celebrities that make them snap? "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy explores the lives of Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes and other celebs gone wild. Then he hangs out with teen sensation Becky G and asks what keeps her grounded. Hint: It has to do with her Mexican roots!

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Left Unattended: Artists Who Switched Music and Rapper Kat Dahlia

Before Katy Perry kissed a girl she was performing gospel music. Skrillex began as a screamo singer before he ruled the world of dubstep. Nelly started out in the 'hood but was best with his "Country Grammar." In this episode of "Left Unattended," D-Stroy talks about musicians who have transcended genres.

Then D-Stroy hangs in Miami with Cuban rapper Kat Dahlia and talks about her love for B.B. King, songwriting inspiration and her upcoming new album, My Garden, out in the fall!

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Left Unattended: The History Of Sexy Video Vixens With J.Balvin

How did we go from choreographed dancers in music videos to strippers? "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy explores why sex sells so well in the hip-hop game. From booty clapping to falling in love with strippers, he explains the history of the great video vixen.

Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin stops by and weighs in on video vixens. The Colombian superstar is pretty familiar with these sexy ladies and their "Coca-Cola body shape." And we're pretty sure his 10 million fans on social media appreciate his expertise. Ha!

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Left Unattended: Fashion and Music Have Gone Bonkers!

In this episode of "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy talks about ridiculous fashion violations. From Justin Bieber's annoying drop crotch pants to Kanye putting man skits on the map, D-Stroy wonders if we're emphasizing fashion too much and music too little.

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Left Unattended: Influential White Rappers and Chillin' with Fat Joe

What do Iggy Azalea, Beastie Boys and Eminem have in common? They're talented. They're huge. And of course.... they're white.

In this of episode "Left Unattended," D-Stroy looks at the legacy of white rappers in the hip-hop world. He then kicks back with Fat Joe, host of MTV2's "Off the Bat." The Puerto Rican rapper explains how he was "the Eminem, before Eminem" and pays a nice tribute to Big Pun.

Left Unattended: The Southern Rap Invasion!

Outkast. Lil Jon. Young Jeezy. "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy shows us some southern hospitality by schoolin' us on southern rap. From the origins of trap music to the explosion of rappers with names that begin with Lil and Young -- D-Story has got you covered on everything down south. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Left Unattended: Older Artists That Slay And Lord Finesse

Music isn't just for young fools. In this episode of "Left Unattended" D-Stroy talks about older artists who are on top of their game. Need proof? Madonna went double platinum at the age of 53 and the ageless vampire known as Pharrell is 40 and having his best year yet. Then D-Stroy hangs with Lord Finesse, who's been rapping and producing beats for 27 years! Crazy fact: Finesse has produced tracks for artists like Biggie and Dr. Dre.

Left Unattended: Best of Rec Room

The best of D-Stroy's Rec Room segment in which he asks rappers and DJ's about their fave stuff. From DJ Premier's must-have DJ equipment to Ice-T's gamer tag, get in on what's good.

Left Unattended: Hip-Hop Labels and Chilling with Talib Kweli

It's time for another hip-hop lesson from the one and only D-Stroy! From artists who thrived under independent labels to those who hit the major label jackpot to rappers who have bounced on both sides, D-Stroy lets us know who was who and what was what.

Then he hangs with Talib Kweli. The rapper and activist talks about the perks of being on a indie label. Talib is on a new online platform, #KweliClub, launched by Ryan Leslie, in which artists can directly sell to fans. Then Talib decides to hum -- not rap -- a song.

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Left Unattended: Why Weed and Hip-Hop Are Soul Mates

Cypress Hill. Dr. Dre. Redman. They all had a special centerpiece for their songs: Mary Jane. In this episode of "Left Unattended" host D-Stroy breaks down the best songs dedicated to wacky tabacky. Because as he says, "Weed was more prevalent in the hood than fathers." D-Stroy also covers cultural moments in hip-hop and weed like the "Up In Smoke" tour and the iconic Chronic album. Don't say we never taught you nothing.

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Left Unattended: Crazy Ass Hip-Hop Tattoos and Joell Ortiz

D-Stroy talks about the most iconic (and worst) tattoos in the game. Thug life, anyone?! And he also breaks down the rise of regretable neck and face tattoos.

Then he hangs with Puerto Rican rapper Joell Ortiz in his hometown of Brooklyn. Joell gives his take on tats and even opens up about a tattoo he saw on a woman’s booty of a…penis with wings?!?! True story, people. What's your favorite or least favorite artist tattoo? Like, share and let us know in the comments below.

Left Unattended: The Crazy History of Mixtapes & DJ Camilo

D-Stroy schools us about the masterpiece that we all know as mixtapes. And your mind will be blown. Like, who knew that mixtapes were once an exclusive thing?!

Then he heads over to Queens, to talk to DJ Camilo, who has a weekly show on the most famous hip-hop radio station in America: Hot 97. Camilo, who is Colombian, was once Notorious B.I.G.’s DJ and now hosts successful radio shows as well as spins all over the world to thousands of people. Want to hear his music? Check out his SoundCloud account and while you’re at it -- create a mixtape out of it! D-Stroy would approve.

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Left Unattended: Hip-Hop Branding and Words of Wisdom From Rakim

Jay-Z famously said "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man!" And D-Stroy explains just that as today's rappers are more entrepreneurial than ever before. He goes into brands who took rappers to the next level and those who "should be in an elevator ride with Solange." He even teaches us about hip-hop's first endorsement deal! Hint: Run–D.M.C were involved.

Then D-Stroy hangs out with Rakim, who MTV hails as one of the greatest MCs of all time. Rakim continues the convo on hip-hop branding and shares his love of Air Force 1 kicks. Don't sweat the technique.

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Left Unattended: Hip-Hop Health and Comic Books with Pharoahe Monch

The health craze that has gyms and juice bars popping up all over our 'hoods hit the hip-hop scene with the same fury. The ripped, shirtless-look Tupac was known for (THUG LIFE!) wasn't always the norm for rappers. Back in the day, dudes like Biggie, The Fat Boys and Fat Man Scoop all made their weight part of their name. So who changed the weight game and made healthy ish cool? D-Stroy throws us knowledge on hip-hop health.

D-Stroy also hits the gym (kinda) with rapper Pharoahe Monch and they discuss working out, rap and comic books. Pharoahe Monch is known for telling the masses to "get the f*ck up." Oh and NBD, rapper Kool Moe Dee ranks Pharoahe Monch at 26 in his best MCs of all time list, in his book, "There's a God on the Mic."

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Left Unattended: Rapper Dranks and Statik Selektah

D-Stroy schools us on all things hip-hop and alcohol. From 40 ounces to wine, he talks about back in the day drinks and successful liquor brands endorsed by rappers. He also declares that Pharrell's Qream liqueur is "so sweet it tastes like a collection of Drake's tears."

D-Stroy continues the liquor convo with DJ, producer and label executive Statik Selektah. Last year, DJ Booth magazine awarded him the coveted title of “DJ of the Year.” Statik reminisces with D-Stroy on his fave throwback drinks. Including one drink that would give you "diabetes and a headache the size of Cuba." Oooof!

Left Unattended: Ice-T on Acting, Video Games and the State of Hip-Hop

D-Stroy breaks down rappers who have successful acting careers (Queen Latifah and Ice Cube, anyone?) and those who do not (Word to DMX.)

Then he spends quality time with legendary rapper, actor and entrepreneur Ice-T. The rapper opens up on why he was terrified about acting and has a beef with...Xbox One. He also tells D-Stroy why he took a long break from making music. Have no fear though, the rapper warns there will be blood on June 10 because he's finally dropping a new album called Manslaughter with his band, Body Count.

Left Unattended: Fashion, Music and Just Blaze

In this episode, D-Stroy gets nostalgic on 90's fashion. Remember when everyone was rocking Nautica and Sean John?! D-Stroy also hangs with hip-hop producer Just Blaze, who produced songs for EVERYONE. And by everyone we mean the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem and Rick Ross. D-Stroy visits Blaze's studio and the producer opens up on how he's simplifying his life. Oprah, take note.

Left Unattended: Reminiscing Over Hip-Hop & Geeking Out With DJ Premier

The very unforgettable D-Stroy hits us with some knowledge and shows us how the world of hip-hop has changed since Biggie and Tupac were around. Our favorite hype-man even hangs with legendary DJ Premier. Rolling Stone has called Premier one of hip hop's greatest producers of all time. On his resume? He produced the beats for Biggie's "Unbelievable" and Nas' "N.Y. State of Mind." D-Story visits Premier’s studio, where they beatbox, play guessing games and doodle on some scrap paper.

Sneak Peek: Left Unattended with D-Stroy

In our new series, "Left Unattended with D-Stroy," our wacky host gets to interview some of music's biggest names! Watch legendary DJ Premier -- considered one of hip hop's most influential producers -- give a shout-out to D-Stroy. For real though, who left his dude unattended?! Tune in for episodes starting on Tuesday.